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Jul 26

Kaine Promises Amnesty Legislation

Vice-presidential Democratic candidate Tim Kaine told the Spanish-language network Telemundo promised that a Clinton administration would push legislation within “the first 100 days” to give amnesty to illegal aliens. He predicted that Republican House Speaker Paul D. Ryan would assist the Democrats in this task.

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Jul 25

Few Syrian Refugees Are Christian

Very few Syrian refugees to the U,S. are Christian, despite the Muslim persecution on Christians in Syria. reports that “Of the 6,726 total Syrian refugee arrivals since the beginning of FY 2016, 6,625 (98.4 percent) were [Sunni Muslims] and 23 (0.3 percent) were Christians – including 15 described simply as ‘Christian,’ five Catholics, two Orthodox and one Greek Orthodox adherent.”

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Jul 22

Trump Calls for Immigration Reform

In his address to the Republican convention, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump affirmed the need to crack down on illegal immigration. He also pointed out the negative effects of excessive legal immigration, by noting that “Decades of record immigration have produced lower wages and higher unemployment.”

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Jul 20

Deportations Continue to Decline

The Center for Immigration Studies reports that “ICE deportations continue to decline this year and are on pace to be the lowest since 2006, according to the latest ICE statistics. Deportations of criminals also keep declining, despite a nationwide litany of high-profile fatalities caused by criminal aliens, and despite the Obama administration’s claimed focus on removing deportable criminals.”

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Jul 19

Sessions Calls for Immigration Control

Speaking at the Republican convention before a national TV audience, Sen Jeff Sessions (R-AL) spoke against mass immigration and its negative effects on American workers. “Excess immigration,” he affirmed, “floods the labor market, reducing wages and job prospects.” He further observed, “Average Americans have been the first to note that something is wrong with this economy–our middle class is steadily declining . . . but the Washington establishment, the media, big corporations have been in denial.”

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Jul 18

German Elites Conspire against Germany

An article on Breitbart reports that a growing number of Germans believe that their own government and institutions are conspiring against the wellbeing of their country by ignoring concerns about mass immigration. Increasingly, they charge, the government is acting in a dictatorial manner to stop people from even expressing opposition to a migration which could drastically change Germany.

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Jul 15

Obama Lets Counties Refuse Deportees

The U.S. government often releases deportable illegal aliens with criminal records into American society because their home countries will not take them back. Under existing law our State Department can deny visas to those countries until they accept deportees. But recent testimony before Congress reveals that the Obama Administration refuses to exercise this option.

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Jul 13

Refugee Resettlement Reaching Goal

The Obama Administration is now on track to meet its goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S. by the end of September. Seventy-five thousand more are scheduled to come from other countries.

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Jul 12

Poll: Most Agree Immigrants Take Jobs

A recent poll found that most Americans in all regions agree with the statement that immigrants “take away jobs” rather than “create jobs.” The highest level of agreement was in the Midwest where 55 percent of respondents said “take away jobs” as opposed to 16 percent said “create jobs.” The lowest level of agreement was in the West where were 46 checked “take” and 41 said “create.”

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Jul 11

Germany Stifles Free Speech

A court in Germany gave a husband and wife a nine-month suspended prison sentence and fined them 1,200 euros for the “crime” of criticizing mass immigration on Facebook. The husband complained that “One can not even express a critical opinion of refugees without getting labeled a Nazi. I wanted to create a discussion forum where you can speak your mind about refugees.”

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