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Mar 27

Most Wouldn’t Live in Sanctuary Cities

A Rasmussen Poll found that 52 percent of likely American votes would not want to live in a sanctuary city. A city in this kind refuses to cooperate with federal immigration law enforcement to remove illegal aliens. Thirty-five percent said they would like to live in one of these cities, and 14 percent were not sure. Wealthy Americans tend to support sanctuary cities much more than working-class Americans.

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Mar 24

Full-Length Wall Not Needed

Critics of President Trump’s border wall proposal often maintain that it would be very expensive to build a wall along the full 2,000 mile length of the Mexican border. But a number of authorities maintain that a wall need not be that long. One is Brandon Judd, the head of the union that represents Border Patrol agents. He observed that “We do not need a great wall of the United States. We do not need 2,000 miles of border wall. I will tell you, however, that a wall in strategic locations is absolutely necessary.

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Mar 22

Study: U.S. Workers Are Majority

A common argument of mass immigration advocates is that we need immigrants to do jobs that Americans refuse to do. This implies that there are large segments of the U.S. economy where immigrants are the majority of workers. But a recent study by the Pew Research Center found that native-born citizens comprise the majority of workers in all U.S. industries.

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Mar 21

6O Minutes Exposes H-1B Abuse

The CBS show 60 Minutes did an investigative report on how some U.S. companies are abusing the H-1B visa program by replacing their American workers with foreign workers admitted under the program. The reason is that they can pay the foreigners lower wages. As part of the report, 60 Minutes interviewed former Congressman Bruce Morrison, the author of the H-1B legislation. He stated, “I’m outraged. the H-B program has been hijacked, as the main highway to bring people from abroad and displace Americans.”

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Mar 20

Trump and California May Clash

President Trump and the state of California may be on a collision course over the issue of sanctuary policy, i.e., the policy of states and localities to refuse to cooperate with federal efforts to enforce immigration law against illegal aliens. The president has issued an executive order to cut federal funding to those jurisdictions. Meanwhile the California Senate is considering legislation by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon (D-LA) to make California a sanctuary state.

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Mar 17

Mexico Affirms Its Own Sovereignty

Mexico’s Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray affirmed the right of his country to control entry across its borders. His statement in Spanish was reported in the Mexican newspaper Excelsior. The following is the English translation:
“It is very clear. The policy of the admission to Mexico of persons of any country—Central Americans or of any other nationality—is defined by Mexico.
“That is the sovereign power of a country, and we are a sovereign country and we exercise our full sovereignty. Who decides who enters Mexico is Mexico and thus we will have to confront the problem.”
Unfortunately, the Mexican government doesn’t seem to think that the United States has the same right as a sovereign self-governing country.

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Mar 17

Immigrants Overwhelm U.S. Schools

Nearly one in four students in U.S. public schools in 2015 were from immigrant households, according to government data.  In 1980, that share was one in thirteen. In a flood without precedent in American history, over 59 million aliens have been allowed to settle in the U.S. in the past five decades. Read more here:

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Mar 15

Sanctuary Jurisdictions Face Huge Cuts

A report by the left-wing Center for American Progress found that 600 sanctuary cities, counties, and states could lose as much as $879 million in federal law enforcement grants if President Trump follows through with his intention to defund them because of their refusal to cooperate with federal efforts to enforce immigration law. The funding involves five major programs.

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Mar 14

Border Apprehensions Decline

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly reported that apprehensions of illegal aliens at the border declined 40 percent from January to February. Usually during that interval apprehensions go up, indicating an increased flow of illegal aliens across the border. Kelly attributed the decline to President Trump’s executive order which repealed the Obama Administration’s policy of releasing illegal aliens who claimed asylum and promised to show for hearings. Most of them didn’t. With that access to the U.S. cut off, crossing the border illegally is less appealing.

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Mar 13

Tennessee Sues Over Refugee Costs

The Thomas More Law Center has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of the state of Tennessee charging that the operation of the  federal refugee program violates the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution. It does so, the suit changes, by forcing the state to support a federal program with state revenues. The Refugee Act of 1980 stated that the federal government would cover the cost of refugee resettlement, but within ten years after passage of the act Washington ceased to reimburse any of the costs to states.

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