Community Action Kit

Action Kit Intro Letter Welcome to the AIC Foundation’s Community Action Kit
This letter from President John Vinson describes the purpose of the Community Action Kit. Whether you want to give a speech, write an article, organize a letter-writing campaign, distribute literature, or just write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper, the materials in this kit will help you accomplish your goal simply and efficiently.  You can download for free any components of the kit that you might like to use.
akguidelines Action Kit Guidelines
Describes how you can use the Action Kit

  1. Sample Letters to the Editor
  2. Sample Opinion – Editorial
  3. Speech
  4. Leaflets/Advertisements
  5. Immigration Talking Points
Action Kit Letter to Editor 1 Action Kit Letter to the Editor 1
Sample letter to the editor
aklettereditor2 Action Kit Letter to the Editor 2
Sample letter to the editor
akoped Action Kit Op Ed
Sample op ed column for local newspaper
aksamplenewspaperad Action Kit Newspaper Ad or Leaflet
Sample newspaper ad
aksamplespeech Action Kit Speech
Sample speech: The Case Against Amnesty
aktalkingpoints Action Kit Talking Points
How to argue the anti-amnesty position
akfounding fathers Action Kit Newspaper Ad or Leaflet

What America’s Founding Fathers really thought.

Compares quotes from Founding Fathers to quotes from today’s politicians.

akfounding fathers Analysis of Amnesty Bill