Amnesty Supporters Disagree on Citizenship

Republican and Democrat amnesty supporters are disagreeing on the issue of citizenship for legalized illegal aliens.

Amnesty Push Will Come After Deal on Fiscal Issues

The Obama White House pledged to Hispanic groups to coordinate with them a major national campaign for amnesty.

CA Sheriff Refuses to Detain Criminal Illegal Aliens for Deportation

Illegal Aliens are free to break the law in Riverside, California, without fear of being jailed or deported.

NY City Council Members Want to Protect Illegal Aliens From Law Enforcement

Some politicians think it is okay to break the law.

Immigration Reform Will Provide Dems 7 Million New Voters

Repubilcans are rushing to legalize millions of illegal aliens who, when the become citizens, will likely vote Democrat.

ME Senator Wants Visas for Same-Sex Couples

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) affirmed her commitment to a bill to allow the foreign partners of same-sex couples to obtain immigration visas, just as the foreign partners of married couples can do now.

Eight Senators Plot Amnesty

Eight U.S. senators, described by some observers as "the gang of eight" are plotting amnesty legislation for next year.

Hispanics Launch National Campaign for Amnesty for Illegals

The battle begins: A national coalition of Hispanics, Jews, African-Americans, and business groups announce a major campaign to pressure Congress to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the U.S.

Effect of Mass Immigration: Whites to Become Minority by 2043

U.S. political elites are successfully changing the U.S. population.

California Bill to Give Illegal Aliens Unemployment Benefits

Hispanic state legislator wants illegal aliens to get tax-paid unemployment benefits.