Obama to Seek Mexico’s Support for Amnesty Bill

Obama apparently believes he needs Mexico's approval and backing.

Boston Bombers Spur Increased Immigration Concerns

The public isn't so happy with an open borders immigration system that lets America-hating terrorists into the U.S.

Rubio Says Senate Amnesty Bill Probably Can’t Pass House

Sen. Marco Rubio, one of the authors of the Senate immigration bill, said that the bill as it is written now probably can't pass the House.

Obama Considers Higher Profile in Pushing Amnesty

President Obama is thinking about taking a higher profile to promote amnesty for illegal aliens. But it is a decision involving a dilemma.

Poll: 35% of Mexicans Want to Move to U.S.

More than one-third of all adult Mexicans want to live in the U.S.

Amnesty Bill Funnels Millions in Tax Money to Pro-Amnesty Groups

The Senate's "Gang of Eight" amnesty sponsors want to gouge taxpayers to fund left-wing and ethnic advocacy organizations.

Senate Bill Would Give Employers Amnesty Too

The Senate immigration bill would give amnesty not only to illegal aliens, but also to employers who have violated laws by hiring them off the books.

Is Amnesty Bill Suicide for Republican Party?

Conservative writer M. Stanton Evans argues that passage of the Senate's amnesty bill would be suicide for the Republican Party.

Amnesty Bill Lets Illegal Aliens Avoid Paying Back Taxes

While Americans go to jail or face stiff fines for avoiding taxes, amnestied illegal aliens who skirted the law and were paid off the books won's have to pay back taxes.

GOP Billionaire Helps Finance Amnesty PR Effort

While millions of Ameicans are out of work, a Republican hedge fund billionaire is spending six figures to help illegal aliens take jobs from U.S. workers.