Border Patrol Union: ‘Serious Concerns’ about Senate Bill

The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), the union representing Border Patrol agents, is skeptical of the proposal in the Senate immigration "reform" bill to add 20,000 agents to the Border Patrol in ten years.

Immigration Authorities Fail to Report Fraud

More dereliction of duty by the federal government.

Border Patrol Union Has “Serious Concerns” about Senate Bill

The National Border Patrol Council, the union of Border Patrol agents, has expressed serious concerns about the immigration "reform" bill passed by the Senate. One is that the promise of the bill to add 20,000 agents is unrealistic. A spokesman for the union stated that "It seems that political goals took precedence over actual reforms."

GOP Senators Help Amnesty Bill Pass

To overcome a filibuster, amnesty backers needed at least 60 votes in the Senate.  The amnesty bill would not have passed without support from...

Roll Call Vote on Senate Amnesty Bill

Here's how they voted.

Senate Okays Amnesty Bill

The fight over amnesty now moves to the House of Representatives.

Tea Party Pledges to Challenge Amnesty Supporters

The Tea Party Patriots, the largest Tea Party organization, has promised to initiate primary challenges against Republicans in Congress who support the Senate amnesty bill or legislation similar to it in the House.

Majority of Voters Oppose Obama Immigration Policies

A Fox News poll found that 53 percent of voters oppose President Obama's immigration policies, which include his support for the Senate's amnesty legislation. Only 39 percent approve of those policies.

Cruz Calls Enforcement Promises a ‘Fig Leaf’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) charged that the enforcement promises in the Senate immigration bill are nothing more than a "fig leaf" to get the legislation passed. By granting amnesty to illegal aliens, he maintained, "It will encourage more illegal immigration."