FOX News Sells Out on Amnesty

Fox News, which once offered commentary against amnesty, now appears to support it.

Agencies Make Money from Refugee Resettlement

A report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) noted that private agencies involved in refugee resettlement receive substantial public funding for their work.

New York Lawmakers Seek Taxpayer Money for Illegal Aliens’ College Tuition

Thanks to the state's political elites, New York taxpayers may soon pay for illegal aliens to go to college.

GOP Rep. Wants More Foreign Workers to Compete Against U.S. Labor

Kansas GOP Rep. Jerry Moran thinks America has too few foreign workers.

Establishment Conservatives Backing Sen. Rubio’s Amnesty for Illegals

Right-wingers begin to abandon unemployed American workers in favor of legalizing millions of illegal foreign ones.

Durbin Believes Senate Will Pass Amnesty

Sen. Dick Durbin (R-IL), a leading amnesty advocate in the Senate, said chances are good that the Senate will pass legislation granting legal status to illegal aliens.

Obama Calls for High-Tech Immigrants in Speech

Despite widespread unemployment of Americans in high-tech fields, President Obama called for more foreign high-tech workers in his inaugural address.

Hispanics Become Largest Ethnicity in California This Year

The transformation of the U.S. through mass immigration is well underway.

Hispanic Mayor Says Criminal Illegal Aliens Should Stay in U.S.

U.S. Elected officials can openly call for allowing criminal illegal alilens to live in the U.S. without fear of retribution by multiculturalist voters.

NC Atty Gen Orders DMV to Issue Driver’s Licenses to Illegals

North Carolina's political elites seek to help Illegal aliens amnestied by the Obama regime blend into U.S. society ahead of immigrants seeking legal admission.