Former U.S. Attorney: Alien Crime Real

Former U.S. Attorney Troy A. Eid, the first Arab-American U.S. Attorney, writing Saturday in The Denver Post, states: “President-elect Trump recognizes that the federal government isn’t as serious as it must be about immigration and border security.”

“A symptom of the prevailing political and bureaucratic dysfunction is the federal government’s willingness to tolerate what federal authorities call ‘criminal aliens’ who offend against other illegal immigrants living here as well as U.S. citizens.  Criminal aliens inflict a disproportionate amount of damage to the rest of us.”

“In 2013 — the most recent year in which data are available — one in every four criminals sentenced to federal prison in the United States was an illegal alien who, after committing at least one felony in our country, was deported but returned illegally to commit more crimes.”

“According to the U.S. Sentencing Commission, the average criminal alien in federal custody has already been deported 3.2 times before returning to our country; one offender had been deported 73 times.”

“Not surprisingly, many criminal aliens get here by illegally crossing our country’s border with Mexico.  Securing that border is just plain common sense.”

“The security benefits of a more extensive border security ‘wall’ or fence along the Mexican border, beyond those portions already in place, are hardly speculative.  Among many other recent international examples, when Israel finished its security fence along its Egyptian border, 36 people were caught trying to cross compared to 10,440 the year before.”

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