Jul 03

AOC Draws Criticism

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), also known as AOC, has strongly complained about conditions for migrants in detention centers–which are overrun due the massive recent influx of border crossers. In reply,  former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich replied that policies supported by lawmakers like AOC cause the border crisis in the first place and that she refuses to vote for legislation to improve the situation.

Said Gingrich, “People like AOC create the disaster, refuse to fix it, vote against funding to help people and then go down there to attack the people who are saying to her, ‘we don’t have enough money, we don’t have enough facilities.’” The former House Speaker called her “viciously dishonest.”

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Jul 03

“Trump Has Already Won the Immigration Debate”

That’s the title of a column dated July 2 by regular Spectator columnist David Catron. The subtitle gets specific: “The Democrats abandoned the field to the president last week.”

Catron is referring to the Dems’ debates of last Wednesday and Thursday, particularly the latter, when that night’s entire field were asked to affirm that undocumented immigrants would be covered by their respective health care plans. As Catron says, they all “reached for the sky, thus surrendering the field to President Trump on the issue that got him elected in 2016.”

He goes on to point out that a recent Rasmussen poll shows that 55 percent of likely voters oppose taxpayer-paid healthcare benefits to illegals, while only 31 percent support it. Moreover, employment is up sharply all around, including among Hispanic voters, always a plus for incumbents, and working, taxpaying voters are sensitive to programs subject to put a dent into their paychecks.

Healthcare for illegals is subject to make a very large dent. American taxpayers already pay $18.5 million for such care, and who knows what the Democrats’ proposals will cost.

Catron concludes his comments with the following: “[T]he Democrats are for open borders…. a sure loser. Immigration is the most important issue for a majority of voters, and the Democrats have abandoned the field to President Trump. It will cost them the election.”

For more, see the Spectator.


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Jul 02

Trump Promises Raids

President Trump announced that he will move ahead with his previously announced plan to begin a series of raids to round up and deport illegal aliens. He said the raids would begin after the July 4th holiday.

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Jul 01

Columnist Takes Dems to Task

Bret Stephens is a New York Times columnist who strongly opposes President Trump. In a recent column he stated that the extremism of the Democratic presidential candidates will cause many Americans to support the president. Many voters, he said, are coming to see Democrats as the “party that makes too many Americans feel like strangers in their own country” a party that “puts more of its faith and invests most of its efforts” in illegal immigrants instead of American citizens.

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Jun 30

Haitian Deportees Riot in Mexico

Haitian Deportees in Chiapas

On Saturday, a group of 116 Haitians, scheduled for deportation and on board a Boeing 727 in Tapachula, Chiapas, rioted and attempted to flee before the plane’s departure.

The flight was delayed for four hours while Mexican police and national guardsmen subdued the rioters. Eventually, 81 of the Haitians were returned to Haiti, while the remainder were re-arrested and taken to a migratory station in nearby Villa Comatitlán, where their status is uncertain. Thirty Haitians were injured in the riot and 10 police. One Haitian required hospitalization.

For more, see El Sol de Mexico (in Spanish).

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Jun 29

Democrats Call for Open Borders

Not only did the Democrat debaters go all in for illegal alien healthcare, as we reported yesterday, some actually called for removing the “illegal” status altogether.

Dems All In on Illegals’ Healthcare (From Twitter)

Julian Castro got the ball rolling on the first night of debates, when he called for the repeal of  Section 1325 of Title 8 of the United States Code, a law that’s been around for 90 years. That law makes unauthorized entry into the United States a misdemeanor and makes the perpetrator liable for deportation.  Any subsequent authorized re-entry is a felony.

Asked the second night whether an illegal who hasn’t been convicted of another crime should be deported, the consensus was no:

  • Joe Biden replied that such a person “should not be the focus of deportation.”
  • Kamala Harris said “absolutely not.”
  • Representative Eric Swalwell said, somewhat dreamily,  “That person can be part of this great American experience.”

Ending any legal restraint on wholesale entry into the United States would effectively put an end to this country as a country. It would become instead  just a vast,  characterless, very dangerous, teeming mass of disparate peoples, at each other’s throats and fighting for dominance. It would be a “great American experience” that not even “Pass-the-torch” Swalwell would really want to see.

For more, see National Review.


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Jun 28

Dems Endorse Health Care for Illegals

Dems All In on Illegals’ Healthcare (Twitter)

Democrat presidential candidates during the Thursday debate were asked if they supported health care for illegal aliens. All indicated that they did with a show of hands. In response President Trump tweeted, “All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare. How about taking care of American citizens first!?”

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Jun 28

Large Groups of Haitians, Africans, South Americans Apprehended

U.S. Border Patrol agents have arrested two large groups of mostly Haitian illegal aliens in the Del Rio, Texas, sector, in the past week.

205 Illegals Reporting for Arrest in Del Rio, Texas (Courtesy CBP)

One group, consisting of 105 illegal aliens, 82 of whom were Haitian, were arrested on June 22.  A second group of 205, more than half of whom Haitian, were arrested two days later, on June 24.

These latest apprehensions represent the increasingly cosmopolitan nature of the illegal immigrant surge on our southern border.  Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul L. Ortiz said, “Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents have apprehended people from over 45 countries around the world.”

The arrestees were given the customary medical evaluations and those ill were referred to the medical system, all at the expense of the American taxpayer.

For a raw video of the June 24 group of 205, see the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service. For the CBP news report, see the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

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Jun 27

LAT Leaves Readers Astray

The Quote Below: More Misinformation from the Media

The immigration reform plan put forward by the White House on Thursday is a woefully insufficient answer to a terribly difficult problem. . . .

But public polls show that most Americans believe current legal immigration levels are acceptable or should be increased. . . . Further, the notion among some hard-liners that 10.7 million immigrants here illegally could be deported without causing critical damage to the economy, communities and families is absurd. As is the idea that a border wall can be built high enough and long enough to stop people from entering the country. . . .

The nation had its last serious shot at a compromise in 2013 when the bipartisan “Gang of Eight” bill, which ran more than 800 pages, passed the Senate but died in the Republican-controlled House. It’s hard to imagine that such a compromise could now be reached with the current administration. . . . – Trump’s Weak Immigration Proposal Should be a Prompt for Actual Immigration Reform, Los Angeles Times, Editorial Board, 5/16/19 [Link]

Fact Check of Quote: This article is current in saying that a number of polls show that a majority of Americans either support the level of immigration or want it increased. This finding, however, says more about the polling questions than what people actually believe. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people don’t know what the present level of legal immigration is.

For the record, legal immigration has averaged more than a million per year for the past twenty years. This by far is the highest sustained level in our history. Some polls, instead of asking respondents whether they support the current level, have asked them what they think the proper level should be. Among them were surveys conducted by Harvard-Harris and Pulse Opinion. Those polls found that substantial majorities favored substantially less legal immigration than we have now.

The claim that millions of illegal aliens cannot be sent home derives from the false notion that a massive immediate round-up of illegal aliens is the only way to expel them. Such an action probably would be impractical, but there is an alternative to accomplish he task. It goes by the names, “attrition through enforcement” and “self-deportation.”

It would work by slowly but steadily increasing immigration law enforcement so that it would become increasingly difficult for illegal residents to remain in the United States. In this situation increasing numbers of illegal aliens would go home on their own accord. In effect, they would self-deport. The process would be gradual and therefore would not cause social and economic disruption.

The idea that the “Gang of Eight” bill was a compromise is ludicrous. This legislation, which fortunately didn’t become law, proposed a mass amnesty for illegal aliens and a sharp increase in legal immigration and guest worker admissions. It offered almost a whole loaf to mass immigration advocates, and only a few crumbs of concessions to immigration restrictionists. Unfortunately, these are the kinds of “compromise” that most of the corporate media support.

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Jun 27

Maine and Corporate America See an “Opportunity”

“This is an opportunity for us. It might look like a challenge at the beginning, but long-term, this is an opportunity for Maine to bring these people to us when the border is closed. So we are very grateful to have these people come to us. I know it might be a challenge for this city but again we are responding as a community, as stakeholders, as corporations. It sounds like a crisis to some, but it’s an opportunity for me.”

Immigrants from Ebola-Stricken Congo

Those are the words of one Claude Rwaganje, in a recent interview with Public Radio International.  Rwaganje, a native Congolese, heads up an organization called  ProsperityME, which is active in bringing African migrants to Maine. He is also a board member of the Portland, Maine, Chamber of Commerce, which shares his enthusiasm for African migrants, whom they believe will be the solution to the state’s ageing population problem.

Rwaganje first came to prominence in 2010, when he was vocal in support of a move to allow non-citizens to vote in Maine. That effort was supported by others of his fellow African immigrants, including Abdirizak Daud, a native Somalian.  Some of Daud’s  nine children attended Portland city schools, and he told an interviewer in 2010 that that should entitle him to an electoral voice on school affairs. He explained that his being unemployed and knowing little English shouldn’t matter.  “I like the Democrats,” Daud said. “I want to vote for Democrats, but I don’t have citizenship.”

As for Claude Rwaganje, he obtained his citizenship and has since become a force in Portland affairs, including the recent push for more immigrants.  Asked by PRI, “[I}sn’t this [the wholesale influx to Africans into Portland] going to turn into a bit of a crisis? Is it sustainable to keep welcoming more and more people into Portland?”

Rwaganje:  “Portland may be overwhelmed on its own but definitely, we expect more cities to support as well. Once we send these migrants into different cities, I don’t think this is going to be a big deal for the city of Portland at all.” Portland will therefore, in Rwaganje’s mind, spread the wealth.  (Except perhaps to nearby Lewiston, which has a considerable and not altogether positive experience with African immigrants.)

With that cleared up, the interviewer threw a  final softball: “Is there anything any of the migrants have said to you that particularly moved you?”

Rwaganje:  “One thing that they said was, ‘We are glad that we have reached a safe place. We can’t go back to our home country. Here is our home country.'”

Groups like Rwaganje’s  ProsperityME and the local Chamber of Commerce are not alone in urging more and more African immigrants on Portland.  ProsperityME counts among its corporate donors the following: Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Morgan Stanley Foundation,  Toronto-Dominion Charitable Foundation, Hyatt Place Portland, LL Bean, UBS Financial Services, Wells Fargo,  Gannett Foundation, and People’s United Bank.

Another organization with similar aims is the Tent Partnership for Refugees, a group founded by Hamdi Ulukaya, a native Turk and chairman of Chobani Yogurt. The Tent Partnership sports a virtually endless list of corporate members, including Accenture, Airbnb, Barilla Pasta, Citibank, Deloitte, Expedia, Goldman Sachs, Hilton Hotels, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, IKEA, ING, Johnson & Johnson, Mastercard, Philips Electronics, Shell Oil, Starbucks, Uber, Unilever, Verizon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter.

These are the Big Money resources aligned against traditional Americans. No wonder things are as they are.

For more, see the World Tribune.

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