Jun 01

Tight Labor Market Helps Workers

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, says a tight labor market is good news, despite claims by cheap labor interests.

“The unemployment rate is down,” Krikorian noted, “and employers are howling for more immigration because they say they can’t get enough workers. Their howling should be music to our ears. . . . [A] tight labor market means that our fellow citizens who are the least attractive to employers — and on whose support we collectively spend billions — suddenly become a lot more attractive.

“In other words, a tight labor market is the best social policy. America wins when employers have to exert themselves to recruit and retain workers. The result is higher wages for less-skilled workers and more people drawn into the productive world of work.”

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May 31

A Nightmare for Whom?

More Misinformation from the Media:

The campaign for a national mandate [for E-Verify] has withered amid what appeals to be a more pressing problem—a historic labor shortage that has businesses across the country desperate for work at restaurants, on farms and in other law-wage jobs. . . .

In South Carolina, restauranteur Steve Carb [who] is struggling to staff his 12 restaurants . . . He has had to raise wages to attract and keep workers. Dishwashers earn $13 an hour instead of the $10 they earned a couple of years ago. Line cooks are paid $15 to $18 an hour, instead of 13 to $15. Additional overtime costs mean tweaking the menu to stay profitable, from switching to smaller shrimp to raising the price of a plate of fish and chips by 30 cents.

“The whole island is a disaster zone right now,” said Carb . . . “It’s been a nightmare.” Meanwhile, Carb noted, “there are people [illegal aliens] who are willing to work and pay taxes, but they can’t get jobs because we can’t legally hire them. – Trump Isn’t Pushing Hard for This One Popular Way to Curb Illegal Immigration, The Washington Post, Tracy Jan, 5/22/18 [Link]

Fact Check: This Washington Post article endorses the tired old line that we face a labor shortage, and we must continue mass immigration to provide needed workers. They ignore the studies showing that automation will replace forty percent or more of working Americans within the next couple of decades.

Most interesting about this article is its utter cluelessness and indifference to the wellbeing of American workers. It uncritically reports a businessman’s claim that his inability to hire illegal aliens is causing him a “nightmare.” It’s so bad that he even has to pay higher wages to dishwashers and cooks.

Does anyone see a problem with this lament? Certainly anyone who cares about low-wage American workers getting better salaries. The implied message is that that these are people who really don’t matter. For some people it’s a nightmare when working Americans can get a shot at the American Dream.

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May 30

Trump Threatens Veto

Pro-amnesty Republicans in the House continue to push for an amnesty without concessions, they seem to ignore President Trump’s recent warning. He affirmed that he will not approve legislation that doesn’t provide for a border wall, an end to chain migration, and an end to the visa lottery. “I think it’s time to get the whole package,” said Trump.

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May 29

Zinke Calls for Border Wall

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has endorsed President Trump’s proposal to build a wall on the Mexican border. Said Zinke, “I absolutely agree with [the president]–a nation without borders can’t exist. We need to secure our borders. It’s a national security issue, a national defense issue, it’s a humanitarian crisis, and . . . it’s an environmental crisis. . . . We are going to make sure the [illegal] crossings come to an immediate halt.

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May 27

Britain Moves Toward Police State

Tommy Robinson, an immigration control activist in the U.K., was arrested for filming Muslims charged with “grooming” girls for prostitution. He was charged with “disturbing the peace” and within a few hours was sentenced to 13 months in jail. It is feared that his life may be in danger from Muslim inmates. A court has prohibited the British media from reporting on his incarceration. Critics of this action say that loss of fundamental liberties is the price that Britain is having to pay for “diversity.”

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May 25

Petition to Trump: Require E-Verify

A petition to President Trump is asking him to sign an executive order to make the E-Verify system mandatory for businesses. The system, now voluntary, enables businesses to check federal data bases to determine whether the people they hire are legally authorized to work in the U.S. Mandatory E-Verify, many experts agree, is essential to cutting off the magnet of jobs that draws illegal aliens to the U.S.

So far, more than 10,000 people have signed the petition. Ninety thousand more must sign by mid-June for the White House to respond to the petition. (To view the petition, click the link below.) Congress has failed to pass mandatory E-Verify, mainly due to business interests that want to keep their supply of cheap illegal labor.

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May 24

No, He Didn’t Say That

More Misinformation from the Media:

“These aren’t people. These are animals.”

That’s how President Trump described undocumented immigrants during a White House meeting Wednesday, venting frustration at officials in both Mexico and California.

“You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are Trump said in the meeting. “These aren’t people. These are animals.” . . .

And Trump’s not the first to use such rhetoric: Adolf Hitler justified the Holocaust by saying Jews weren’t people but rats, as NPR notes. In the Rwandan genocide, Tutsis were called not people, but cockroaches, and slaveowners justified slavery by calling their slaves not people, but animals.

Reviewing a book on such rhetoric, NPR’s Neal Conan said that “it’s important to define and describe dehumanization, because it’s what opens the door for cruelty and genocide.” – OnPolitics Today: Trump Calls Undocumented People ‘Animals,’ Rhetoric with a Dark Past, Josh Hafner, USA Today, 5/16/18 [Link]

Fact Check: USA Today wasn’t the only source of this story. A number of other corporate media outlets reported this same basic narrative as well. It was a journalistic feeding frenzy of anti-Trump animus. In reality, the story was a perfect example taking a statement out of context to create a false impression. It’s a perfect example too of fake news.

Here’s the full context of what President Trump said. In a conversation with the president about sanctuary cities Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims stated, “There could be an MS-13 gang member I know about, if they don’t reach a certain threshold, I cannot tell ICE about them.” Trump responded, “You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people, these are animals, and we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before.”

The president was not referring to all “undocumented immigrants,” the media’s deceptive euphemism for illegal aliens. What he said was that MS-13 a particularly vicious criminal gang. Many of its members are illegal aliens from El Salvador and other Latin American countries. MS-13 has a well-deserved reputation for murder, mayhem and extortion. The motto of its members is mata, viola, controla (kill, rape, control). Calling these criminals animals is hardly inappropriate. One MS-13 member recently convicted of murder goes by the street name of “Animal.”

Before the advent of the Internet, the mass media could get away with deceptions like this false charge against Trump. Now, there are too many people with access to information to allow such gross trickery to go undetected. With exposure of their scam, many media outlets had to admit—very grudgingly—that their Trump tale wasn’t true.

This episode reveals a profound lack of journalistic integrity in the corporate media. Their extreme prejudice against Trump and reasonable immigration control have unhinged them. USA Today’s likening of Trump to Hitler and genocide is a case in point. It all goes to show that citizens seeking valid information about immigration should develop a healthy skepticism toward the corporate media and seek knowledge from other sources.

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May 23

Brown Warns Democrats

San Francisco’s former mayor, Willie Brown, a Democrat, says that his party is mistaken to ignore the popularity of President Trump has gained for his stands on various issues including immigration. He observed that, “Americans are actually happy these days. They are making money. They feel safe, and they agree with the president’s protectionist policies, his call for more American jobs, even his immigration stance.”

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May 22

Gallup: Immigration Top Public Concern

A Gallup poll conducted in April found that immigration and illegal aliens are the second greatest public concern. The top concern is dissatisfaction with government (23 percent), followed by immigration at 11 percent. After that are race relations (7 percent) and gun control (6 percent).

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May 21

Ryan Wants ‘Third Alternative’

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) is reportedly seeking a “third alternative” bill to provide amnesty for illegal aliens in the DACA category. One proposal would grant this amnesty, but would provide adequate concessions for genuine immigration reform–including an end to chain migration, mandatory use of the the E-Verify system by businesses, and steps to increase border security. The second proposal is a DACA amnesty with almost no concessions.

Supporters of the first alternative say it is an adequate compromise, and that any fewer concessions for reform are inappropriate.

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