Oct 12

‘Mexi-fornia’ Embraces Illegal Aliens

On Sunday a California newspaper columnist described how the “State lurches forward on immigration reform.”

“Twenty-one years ago, California voters passed Proposition 187, which sought to deny public benefits to illegal immigrants.”

The courts voided that law, uncontrolled immigration has continued, and California has gone from Ronald Reagan’s GOP base to a one-party state where the Democrats and Gov. Jerry Brown are making the state’s estimated 3 million illegals as legal as possible: driver’s licenses, college aid, law licenses, etc.

Most recently, it was made illegal for a business to discriminate against illegal aliens, and state-backed health care coverage was extended to illegals under age 19.

The columnist notes that Californians now support amnesty and calls that “a welcome awakening to reality.”

The true reality is that the nation’s ruling elite has allowed aliens to displace Americans in our largest state — and will do the same to the entire country unless the people stop it.

Column here:  http://www.dailyrepublic.com/opinion/statenationalcolumnists/state-lurches-forward-on-immigration-reform/

Posted 10/12/15 by Andrew Lewis

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Oct 11

Hillary Moves Left on Immigration to Woo Hispanics

Hillary Clinton wants to stop deporting illegal aliens, offer them U.S. citizenship and allow them to obtain driver’s licenses.  Before she began her presidential run, she said she was “adamantly against illegal immigrants,” voted as a senator to construct hundreds of miles of fencing on the border and opposed giving illegals driver’s licenses.

Alien advocates are pleased with her shift in positions – now pledging to do more than Obama in several areas – “Many of us are much more enthusiastic,” said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice.

The top five Democratic presidential candidates will debate on Tuesday in Nevada – where nearly one-third of the population is now Hispanic due to decades of uncontrolled immigration.  Expect an Hispander-fest.

Read more:  http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/election/article38326806.html

Posted 10/10/15 by Andrew Lewis


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Oct 08

Japan Says No to Refugee Settlement

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated in an address to the United Nations that Japan would provide $1.5 billion in humanitarian aid for refugees. Later, however, he told reporters that his country would have to deal with its own problems before accepting refugees for resettlement.

Read more at foxnews.com.

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Oct 08

They Are Patriots, Not Nazis

As befits the city of Sigmund Freud, Vienna has two faces—one sweet and one sinister. Behind the schnitzel and strudel and the opera, lurks the legacy of the Nazis who forced Jews to clean sidewalks with toothbrushes. . . . Now, to the astonishment of many and the alarm of some, the burning question in Vienna’s elegant cafes is, Which face will prevail in the city bellwether elections on Oct 11? . . . But [A]gainst the backdrop of Europe’s refugee drama, the far-right Freedom Party is threatening the Social Democrats’ hold in what may portend a more general rise in populist, anti-immigrant sentiment across the Continent. . . . The Freedom Party’s strident anti-Islam message seems to have struck a chord in [Vienna] . . . whose public spaces now attest to increasing diversity and a Muslim population of 12 percent. . . . [T]he Freedom Party has morphed from its roots of former Nazis to a xenophobic message that it blends with concern for the little guy.” – Rise of Austrian Right Lengthens Shadow of Nazi Era, The New York Times, Alison Smale, 9/29/15

Fact Check: It’s not enough that The New York Times and it writers push the blessings of unrestrained immigration on this country. It has to perform this same service for Europe as well. In the typical fashion of immigration advocates, Smale seems to assume that immigration restrictionists have no honorable or legitimate beliefs. Thus she characterizes the Freedom Party as “strident, anti-immigrant, xenophobic” and strongly tinged with Nazism.

To substantiate her point she quotes Heinz-Christian Strache, the head of the party and candidate for mayor in Vienna’s election. And just what terrible things did Strache say? Only this: “We don’t want Islamization of Europe. We don’t want our Christian-Western culture to perish.”

To anyone not dwelling the elitist fever swamps of political correctness, Strache’s statements are perfectly sensible and moderate—and completely legitimate. Europe now faces difficult problems with the Islamic population it already has because European and Islamic values are incompatible in many ways. By standing against further immigration, Strache and his party are trying to prevent this conflict from escalating and perhaps ending in tragedy. This is a worthy and decent objective.

Also worthy and decent is his expression of loyalty to his culture and nation. It is the grossest dishonesty to conflate this sentiment with Nazi aggression and totalitarianism. The Freedom Party doesn’t propose to blitzkrieg other countries; it only wants to preserve Austria’s traditional way of life. To the politically correct this is a very laudable aim for jungle tribes in the Amazon basin, but not for Europeans.

The totalitarian threat Europe faces doesn’t come from miniscule bands of neo-Nazis, it comes from the elitists who run most European governments and the European Union. They are determined to to sacrifice Europe to the gods of mass immigration and multiculturalism. They have no desire to listen to those Smale characterizes as “little guys”—citizens concerned about becoming strangers in their own lands.

European totalitarians do everything in their power to prevent parties like the Freedom Party from gaining traction. They also aim to silence dissent by labeling it “hate speech” and fining and jailing the dissenters. Here in America, thankfully, we still have our constitutional right of free speech. Even so, we too face repression from an establishment committed to mass immigration. Currently we have a president who has ignored the Constitution and—acting as a dictator—proclaimed legal status for millions of illegal aliens.

In both Europe and America, “conservative” elites want immigration for cheap labor, regardless of its impact on native workers. Left-wing elites want multiculturalism to undermine the traditional order of their societies. The resulting cultural and social chaos is a justification they can use to impose their version of order—a cultural Marxist dictatorship.

Journalists in America and Europe often serve the elites’ agendas with articles demonizing immigration restrictionists, calling them Nazis and other unpleasant names. In reality they are patriots who stand for their Western heritage against treason, greed, and tyranny.


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Oct 07

Deportations of Illegal Aliens Go Down

Total deportations of illegal aliens have declined 42 percent since 2012. The Obama Administration claims that it cut back on enforcement in general in order to focus on deporting illegal aliens criminals who pose a danger to public safety. But since the administration took office, the percentage of these criminals in relation to all deportations has only risen from 56 percent to 59 percent. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says that Obama’s deportation policies are too harsh.

Read more at ap.org.


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Oct 06

More Than One in Five in U.S. Don’t Speak English at Home

More than one in five U.S. residents, totaling more than 63.2 million people, speaks a language other than English at home–reports a recent study by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) which used data from the U.S. Census Bureau. This percentage is the highest ever for languages other than English spoken at home. The leading non-English languages for home use are Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and Urdu, Pakistan’s national language.

Read more at washingtonexaminer.com.

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Oct 05

Sen. Sessions: Hit Pause Button on Immigration

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), chairman of the Senate Judiciary’s immigration subcommittee, in a Sunday radio interview discussed the alarming new report from the subcommittee that documents the “radical” pace of immigration.  For every one net American born (births minus deaths) “the federal government will add seven more people to the country through future immigration.”

Sessions noted that polls show that Americans favor a reduction rather than an increase in immigration by a three-to-one majority, yet most politicians favor an increase in legal immigration levels.  His explanation: the politicians are “too close to the corporate class” that fund their campaigns.  Business interests want wages to go down to increase profits –  and can achieve that goal by continuing and even increasing mass immigration to create an over-supply of labor.

Sessions pointed out how high legal immigration levels set by Congress already were: “In fact, the United States accounts for five percent of the world’s population; we take in already 20 percent of the [world’s] immigrants.”

Source:  http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/10/04/exclusive-jeff-sessions-time-to-hit-brakes-on-radical-pace-of-immigration/

Posted 10/5/15 by Andrew Lewis

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Oct 02

Immigrants Gain Jobs Last Month; Native-Born Lose Jobs

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that employment of immigrants increased by 14,000 in September. Employment of native-born Americans declined by 262,000. The BLS also found that a record number of 94.6 million (ages 16 and over) were not in the labor force. Many in that total are retired or not interested in finding work. But it also includes many people who would like to work, but have given up looking for a job due to discouragement. They are not counted in the official unemployment figure.

Read more at Breitbart.com Here and Here.

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Oct 01

Matthews Gets It Wrong on Amnesty

I just wish John Boehner . . . before he leaves, [would try to pass] the immigration [amnesty] bill passed in a bipartisan fashion by the Senate. . . . If that came to a vote, we would have the immigration fight behind us in this presidential election, leaving only the racists to talk about it. Everyone else would say . . . that was a darn good compromise. We’re going to have requirements so people no longer are being hired illegally. There’s going to be some kind of way to be a citizen overtime with a lot of obstacles, but you can get there. . . . [W]e’re a democracy here. . . . But we also want to stop the incentives of people coming into the country to get jobs illegally. – Real Clear Politics, Boehner Should Try to Pass Immigration Reform before He Leaves, Chris Matthews, 9/25/15

Fact Check: Liberal commentator Chris Matthews hopes that retiring House Speaker John Boehner will try to slip through an amnesty before he leaves. Matthews sees failure to pass amnesty as a failure of democracy. Actually the House didn’t pass amnesty, as the Senate did, because of intense grassroots pressure. That’s democracy.

If Matthews is bothered by lack of democracy he should set his sights on President Obama’s arbitrary proclamation of legal status for illegal aliens (but not citizenship). That’s an explicit attack on democratic constitutional government.

Matthews’ suggests that only “racists” oppose amnesty for illegal aliens. Like so many of his pro-amnesty persuasion, he seems to think that “illegal” is a race rather than a legal status. But if racism indeed concerns him, he definitely should consider the racial and ethnic chauvinism that drives the pro-amnesty side. There, well-funded organizations like the National Council of La Raza (the Race) push an obvious agenda of advancing Hispanic power at the expense of other groups, even it if means undermining our rule of law to do so.

Also, he might want to consider the Hispanic supremacist sentiments of Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), the most vocal and strident voice in the House for amnesty and other benefits for illegal aliens. Gutierrez once stated, “I have only one loyalty, and that’s to the immigrant community.” By his own admission, it appears, he is neither loyal to the United States nor to the common interests of its citizens.

Matthews deserves credit, however, for recognizing that illegal immigration poses difficulties for working Americans, many of them poor and disadvantaged. Those difficulties include competition for jobs and wage suppression. But how can amnesty, which he advocates, be anything but an incentive for more illegal immigration? Indeed, the most effective way to encourage an activity is to reward it. And the record shows that amnesties and proposals for amnesty usually precede new surges of illegal immigration.

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Sep 30

Obama Changes Visa Rules for Tech Industry – Again

Attorney Ian Smith reports today on the latest unilateral action by the Obama administration to increase the flood of foreign tech workers — and satisfy the lobbyists for the trillion-dollar tech industry.  The plan involves slashing the wait times that Indians on temporary work visas have in obtaining work permits, which are basically de facto green cards.  Further, all of the spouses and children under 21 of these Indians will also receive work permits.  The numbers run into hundreds of thousands – at a time when the tech industry is laying off American workers.

The move appears to be of dubious legality.  Rather than getting into the legal weeds with our non-immigration attorney readers, Smith’s article can be read here:  http://www.nationalreview.com/article/424821/visa-rules-change-obama-tech-industry-india

Posted 9/30/15 by Margaret Hull

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