Jul 27

Cutting Immigration Is a Great Idea

More Misinformation from the Media:

President Trump’s “to do” list still includes cutting legal immigration. A Washington Post survey of 18 economists over the weekend found that 89 percent said that it was a terrible idea for Trump to curb immigration to the United States. . . . The bottom line is: The United States needs more workers. U.S. unemployment is at 4.4 percent. . . . That implies there aren’t many people struggling to find work. . . . From an economics standpoint, the key is to get more workers with the desired skills into the country. It’s why the tech industry is lobbying for more H-1B visas. . . . Carl Tannenbaum, chief economist at Northern Trust . . . is concerned . . . that the president’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and travel ban are already encouraging the best young minds in the world . . . to look elsewhere for their . . . early careers. – Cutting Legal Immigration 50 Percent Might Be Trump’s Worst Economic Idea, The Washington Post, Heather Long, 7/17/17. [Link]

Fact Check: This article offers no reason to believe that these economists have any particular expertise on immigration. Economics is a broad field, and the economic impact of immigration may not be the specialty of most or all of these economists.

Does the United States really need more workers, supplied by an endless stream of mass immigration? Some of our economic elites say this is so, as they profit handsomely from the cheap labor that the stream provides. But does legal immigration, now at the highest sustained level in our history, meet real needs of our society in general?

Yes, the official level of unemployment is low, but this does not argue for an open door for immigration. That level, the so-called U-3 figure, greatly underestimates the number of Americans struggling in the job market. A more accurate measure is the U-6 figure which includes people who have given up looking for work, people who haven’t looked lately, and people who cannot find full-time employment and have to settle for part-time employment, usually low-paying. The U-6 rate is almost twice the C-3 rate.

Overall, during the past several decades we have developed a low-wage economy. During that time, the rise of the present wave of immigration has contributed to wage suppression. Thus if we want wages to increase, we should curtail immigration.

Research shows that immigration harms America’s poor and working-class people most of all, but they aren’t the only ones harmed. Despite the never-ending pleas of the tech industries for more foreign H-1B workers, strong evidence reveals that there are plenty of qualified Americans available to do those high-end jobs. The companies prefer the visa holders because they can pay them less.

As companies have complained about a lack of qualified American workers, a number of them in recent years have decided to terminate their U.S. workers, but not before requiring them to train their foreign replacements. Obviously, the foreign replacements were not more qualified than the Americans who were training them.

Additionally, a strong argument that we will not need immigration for workers is that America is on the brink of a revolution of automation. Studies project [Here and Here] that almost half of U.S. jobs now done by humans will be done by computers and machines in the fairly near future. In that situation, a shortage of workers would be the least of our concerns.

One thing humorous about Long’s article is the quote from Tannenbaum about Trump’s travel ban discouraging foreigners from coming here. The purpose of the travel ban is to screen out potential terrorists. No doubt they are willing to do jobs that most Americans refuse to do. But their skills are hardly those we would care to have.

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Jul 26

Trump: ‘We Are Liberating’

In an address in Youngtown, Ohio, President Trump likened his stand against sanctuary jurisdictions as a policy of liberation. He affirmed that “American cities should be sanctuaries for law-abiding Americans — the people that look up to the law, the people that respect the law — not for criminals and gang members that we want the hell out of our country.” He added that “We are actually liberating towns and cities. We are liberating. People are screaming from their windows, ‘Thank you, thank you,’ to the Border Patrol and to General Kelly’s great people that come in and grab these thugs and throw them the hell out. We’re liberating our towns and we’re liberating our cities.”

Read more at washingtonexaminer.com.

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Jul 25

Gutierrez Attacks Trump

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) is one of the leading advocates of illegal aliens in the House of Representatives. In a recent speech, he called President Trump a “criminal” who must be driven from office by impeachment. The congressman expressed his “love”  for the illegal aliens in the DACA category to whom President Obama unlawfully granted amnesty. Gutierrez once declared that his only loyalty was to “the immigrant community.” Evidently that excludes loyalty to America as a country governed by the rule of law.

Read more at breitbart.com.


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Jul 24

TX Lt. Governor: Sanctuary Led to Tragedy

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick commented on the recent tragedy in San Antonio where eight illegal immigrants died inside a tractor trailer. Apparently they were abandoned by the smugglers who transported them had brought them. Patrick laid part of the blame on sanctuary cities.

He observed that “Sanctuary cities entice people to believe they can come to America and Texas and live outside the law. Sanctuary cities also enable human smugglers and cartels. Today, these people paid a terrible price and demonstrate why we need a secure border and legal immigration reform so we can control who enters our country.”

Read more at foxnews.com

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Jul 21

Dream Act Bill Proposed

President Obama in defiance of the Constitution granted an amnesty to illegal aliens in the “Dreamer” category. Under the Constitution, a measure of this sort must be approved by Congress. Now the Obama amnesty is facing a legal challenge. To keep it in effect, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Dick Durbin (R-IL) are proposing a a Dream Act bill.

Some immigration control advocates have suggested that they would be willing to accept a Dream Act in exchange for the substantial cuts in legal immigration proposed by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) as well a mandatory E-Verify system, to help prevent hiring of illegal aliens.

Read more at breitbart.com.

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Jul 20

What’s the Point of an Anti-American Left?

More Misinformation from the Media:

This is the point where you have to ask yourself what Beinart actually thinks the Democratic Party is for. Personally, I think any center-left party worth its salt has to be deeply committed to egalitarianism, not just for people born in the U.S. but for everyone.

That means fighting for LGBT rights against bathroom bills . . . more domestic redistribution to address poverty. . . .  But it also means treating people born outside the U.S. as equals. . . . And it means a strong presumption in favor of open immigration. Not only does migration help native workers overall, it enables a massive increase in the welfare of people abroad, typically people much poorer than poor Americans, who come here.

For rich countries, accepting large numbers of immigrants is a basic obligation of justice, as is helping the poor at home, and left of center people need to be thinking about how to build an electoral and interest group coalition. . . .  – What’s the Point of an Anti-Immigrant Left?, Vox, Dylan Matthews, 7/2/17. [Link]

Fact Check: Matthews’ article, with the excerpts above, was in response to an article by Peter Beinart which appeared in The Atlantic. Beinart made the case that Democrats should moderate their almost unqualified support of mass immigration. Among other points, he maintained that it is weakening national unity and harming poor Americans.

Matthews accepts none of this, and basically argues for immigration without limit or end. His view is significant because it appears to be widespread among the self-styled “progressives” who lead the Democratic Party. It is also significant because Matthews tacitly admits things that other progressives believe but are more careful—for the sake of expediency—to conceal.

Matthews doesn’t care about what immigration does to America and Americans because this country as a country means nothing to him. What else can one conclude from his claim that Americans and foreigners are “equal” and thus indistinguishable? This may sound “enlightened,” but it shows a profound lack of natural affection, indeed a lack of patriotism. It’s like a parent saying that he has no preference or special affection for his own children over other children.

The writer makes no effective case that immigration benefits native workers overall, and even concedes that it does harm U.S. workers without a high school diploma. But if nationality doesn’t matter, as it clearly doesn’t to Matthews, then why prioritize poor Americans over poor foreigners?

Indeed it is true that some foreigners can greatly improve their lot by coming to America, but massive and unending flow of immigration numbers of them tend to keep all of them unassimilated and poor. The notion that we can alleviate world poverty in any significant way through immigration is belied by simple mathematics. Specifically, world population increases by about 80 million a year, most of it in poor countries. Admitting any large portion of that overflow would swamp us in just a few years.

No, mass immigration to America will not save the world, but it can certainly be useful to people aim to build “an election and interest group coalition.” More unassimilated and poor immigrants made a wonderful constituency for Democratic progressives who want to remake America. With that easily manipulated voting bloc they can overturn traditional America to create their socialist utopia of income redistribution and unisex bathrooms. No longer would constitutional government constrain social engineers like Mr. Mathews who, most interestingly, has called for the abolition of the Constitution.

He and his fellow progressives see the need for superior people, such as themselves, to usher in the golden age of equality. America and American heritage are not their concern because they are Americans only in name.

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Jul 19

Study: More H-2B Visas Not Needed

The Trump Administration recently increased the cap on H-2B visas, which allow low-skilled foreign workers to come to the U.S. for employment. But a study by the Economic Policy Institute shows that increasing the cap is not necessary. The study noted that “At the national level, it is worth pointing out that there is no evidence at all of labor shortages in the market that are significant enough to move national data trends.”

Read more breitbart.com.

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Jul 18

Politico: Trump Backing Legal Reduction

Politico, a leading source of information about Washington politics, reports that “[President Trump] and his aides are quietly working with two conservative senators to dramatically scale back legal immigration. The two senators, Tom Cotton (R-AR) and David Perdue (R-GA), have introduced legislation which would cut the current level of legal immigration, now around one million a year, to 500,000. The present annual number has been in effect for more than twenty years, the highest sustained level in our country’s history.

Read more at politico.com.

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Jul 17

DACA May Face Legal Challenge

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions stating that Texas and other states will sue the federal government if it does not end the DACA amnesty for illegal aliens known as “Dreamers.” Former President Obama decreed DACA on his own and ignored the constitutional requirement that measures of this kind be approved by Congress. A similar action by Texas and other states halted DAPA, another unconstitutional amnesty proclaimed by Obama. During his election campaign President Trump promised to end DACA, but so far he has allowed it to continue and even accept new applicants.

Read more at dailycaller.com.

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Jul 14

Supremacist Group Changes Name

The National Council of La Raza (NCLA), an open-borders Latino supremacist group, has decided to change its name. La Raza, which means “The Race,” had become a liability by giving away the organization’s true purpose. The new name is UnidosUS, which cam be translated as “US united” or “U.S. United.” With this dual meaning the organization can claim to support national unity will still sending a message of group interest.

The renamed organization gives no indication that it will give up its agenda of weakening immigration law enforcement and promoting amnesty in order to build up the political clout of Latinos at the expense of other Americans.

Read more at nbcnews.com and discoverthenetworks.org

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