Jun 24

Britain Votes to Leave EU

Great Britain has voted to leave the European Union. One reason is that the EU has consistently promoted Third World immigration into Europe. Other European countries may follow Britain’s example.

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Jun 23

Tie in Supreme Court Kills Obama Amnesty Plan

A 4-4 tie vote by the U.S. Supreme Court announced Thursday blocks President Obama’s scheme to allow millions of illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. and be given work permits and other benefits.  The one-sentence opinion effectively kills the amnesty plan for the duration of Obama’s presidency.

A tie vote sets no legal precedent but leaves in place the lower court rulings that Obama lacked the authority to shield 4 million illegals from deportation and give them Social Security numbers, work permits and other benefits.

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Posted 6/23/16 by George Palmer

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Jun 23

The Nation Race Baits a Victim

More Misinformation from the Media:

“[Jamiel] Shaw [Sr.] is the father of Jamiel Shaw Jr., a 17-year-old football star who was killed in 2008 in Los Angeles by Pedro Espinoza, a 19-year-old undocumented gang member who, as the popular story went, mistook the unaffiliated Shaw for a rival gang member and shot him to death. (The actual case may have been more complex.) Anti-immigration advocates seized on the story in 2008 to bolster their anti-immigration arguments, and Trump has revived the story for a 2016 audience.

“Shaw’s blackness gives him cover from accusations of anti-immigrant racism that follow Trump and his white supporters, and his awful grief laid bare chastises would be critics into silence. . . . The response from pro-immigrant forces has never been able to meet the emotional urgency of Shaw’s arguments. Such is the power of tokenism.”  – Trump’s Racial and Ethnic Hierarchy Blacks v. Mexicans and Muslims, The Nation, Julianne Hing, 6/16/16

Fact Check: In this article Hing tries to marginalize the American victims of illegal immigration, by discrediting Jamiel Shaw, a murder victim of an illegal alien (not undocumented) gang member. The reference the case being “more complex” is an ugly and unjustified aspersion against Shaw. Hing links to a 2008 article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times which quoted the claim of Espinoza’s lawyer that Shaw was himself a gang member.

An excellent reply to this charge came from Ira Mehlman of the Federation of American Immigration Reform, “The accusation was nothing more than a sleazy tactic of a lawyer trying to get his client off. No evidence was ever produced to substantiate the posthumous character assault against the murder victim.”

Another ugly insinuation is that Shaw Sr. is just a black “token” being used by Trump and his supporters to hide their racial agenda. It suggests that his grief isn’t significant because he’s just a pawn, too stupid to realize that he is being used. Could the writer concede that he might just be an American citizen, irrespective of his race, who is tired of his country being abused by illegal aliens—a man with compelling experience about this abuse?

Evidently not.  The only perspective Hing seems to allow is the racial narrative of P.C. (political correctness). Trump is white and opposed to illegal immigration, so therefore in the fantasyland of P.C. he is a “racist.” As evidence she cited his “bashing a Latino judge.” That alleged bashing, consisted of Trump suggesting that this judge, Gonzalo Curiel, might not be impartial toward him because he advocates border control.

That was not an unreasonable suspicion, given that the judge is affiliated with organizations bearing the name “La Raza (the Race),” which advocate on behalf of illegal aliens. A founder of the state “La Raza” legal group he belongs to was a man named Mario Obledo, who once stated that if white Californians didn’t like the demographic changes illegal immigration was bringing, they could “go back to Europe.”

If journalists like Hing are truly concerned about “racism,” they might take notice of people like Obledo and La Raza groups when they write about immigration. But that’s not likely to happen as long as P.C. blinds them to any other point of view.  


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Jun 22

Poll: Half Support Muslim Immigration Ban

A Reuters poll found that 50 percent of Americans would support a temporary ban on Muslim immigration. Forty-two percent disagreed, and eight percent were undecided.

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Jun 21

Law Professor: Muslim Immigration Ban Constitutional

John Banzhaf, a law professor at George Washington University, stated that the proposal to ban Muslim immigration is permissible under the Constitution. This viewpoint, he maintained, is “consistent with that of most people who know constitutional law.”

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Jun 20

ISIS May Use Refugee Admission to Enter U.S.

At a congressional hearing on CIA intelligence activities, CIA Director John Brennan said ISIS, the Islamic terrorist organization, is probably looking at “refugee flows” as a means to smuggle its operatives into the United States and other Western countries.

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Jun 17

Trump’s Warning on Muslim Immigration and Terror

On Thursday, Rich Lowry of the anti-Trump National Review  published a column admitting that Donald Trump was right on the connection between Muslim immigration and terrorist attacks in the U.S.

Lowry quoted Trump: “The bottom line is that the only reason the killer was in America in the first place was because we allowed his family to come here. That is a fact, and it’s a fact we need to talk about.”

Lowry commented: “The reaction of much of the opinion elite was nearly instantaneous: Whatever we do, let’s not talk about the fact.”

Lowry goes on to note that in six months terrorists have killed more than 60 people in the U.S. — and that two of the killers were the sons of immigrants, and one an immigrant herself.  “On the current trajectory, we will take in 1 million Muslim immigrants or more over the next decade.  It can’t be out of bounds to ask whether that’s a good idea.”

Read more here:  http://nypost.com/2016/06/16/trumps-warning-on-immigration-and-terror-is-actually-sound/

Posted 6/17/16 by George Palmer

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Jun 16

We Should Decide What Enriches US

More Misleading Information from the Media:

The most diverse gathering of races and ethnicities from across the world is living in one place here in the United States. We often focus on the economic contributions of immigrants, but this tends to draw away from the tremendous social and cultural impacts that these communities have on American society. Immigrant communities bring time-tested traditional practices, customs, and knowledge from their countries that can inform and uplift American culture.

1.  [Immigrants’] Eastern wisdom is deepening our understanding of spirituality. . . . 2.  [Immigrants’] traditional cuisines are teaching us about proper diet in America. . . . 3.  Immigrant farmers are showing us how to grow organic. . . .  4.  Medical treatment from immigrants are supplementing our medical care. . . . Immigrant members of our society deserve reform that recognizes their importance to us all.  – 4 ways Immigrant Cultural Wisdom Is Inspiring America, Huffington Politics, Rohit Kumar, 5/21/13

Fact Check: The endorsement of “reform” in the context seems to refer to the massive immigration increase bill before Congress three years ago. Thus this article gives the impression that large-scale immigration is necessary to reap the advantages to the gained from foreign cultures. That simply doesn’t follow.

To be sure, there are things we can learn from foreign cultures which can benefit us. But do we need huge numbers of people from those cultures to reap those benefits? Not at all. In an age of the Internet and other rapid means of global communication, we can easily access and apply new foreign ideas without having people bring them to us.

Certainly some immigrants might be helpful to act as teachers, but the problem with lots of them is that they might start teaching other things we don’t want to learn. Many Americans have benefitted from Yoga, a spiritual discipline from India. But the caste system and cow worship are spirituality we can do without. With immigration limited we can pick and choose the aspects of foreign cultures we want. With large-scale immigration assimilation breaks down, and we’re forced to take the bad with the good. Or to cite another example, if we don’t want pressure to adopt the “wisdom” of Sharia law, we would be wise to limit Muslim immigration.

As for knowledge about diet, there is plenty of information about foreign cuisines already available. As for farming we may indeed profit from foreign knowledge, but does that means we need to import millions of farmers to attain it? Also, we might keep in mind that with the Amish and conservative Mennonites we already have substantial communities of native-born Americans who are quite adept in organic agriculture. And as for medicine, we have indeed profited from acupuncture. Maybe it would help to admit some Chinese practitioners. But what would we gain from admitting a million Chinese who probably wouldn’t be experts in this healing art?

A common propaganda line of immigration advocates is that America is a country desperately in need of “cultural enrichment” brought by immigrants. Well, if we are really so deficient, then why do so many foreign people want to come here? It seems we are doing some things right, culturally speaking, and that being the case we should maintain our culture. That doesn’t mean we can’t look for ways to improve it, but the improvements should be what we decide we want.          

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Jun 15

Visa Overstayers Are Seldom Deported

Foreigners who enter the U.S. on legal visas and then remain here illegally are seldom deported. The Washington Times reports that approximately 480,000 foreign visitors overstayed their visas in 2015, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) only arrested 2,000 of them. An ICE official testified before Congress that apprehending these illegal aliens is not a high priority.

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Jun 14

Orlando Terrorist Worked for DHS Security Firm

Omar Mateen, the reported ISIS terrorist who committed the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, worked for the past nine years for G4S, which boasts of being “the leading global integrated security company.”  Despite two investigations by the FBI into possible ties to Muslim terror groups, Mateen kept his job with G4S.  One of the tasks G4S performs for the Department of Homeland Security is transporting illegal aliens.

Read more here:  http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/crime/item/23407-orlando-terrorist-worked-for-dhs-security-firm-exposed-in-illegal-alien-catch-release-scandal

Posted 6/14/16 by George Palmer

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