Mar 27

Most Wouldn’t Live in Sanctuary Cities

A Rasmussen Poll found that 52 percent of likely American votes would not want to live in a sanctuary city. A city in this kind refuses to cooperate with federal immigration law enforcement to remove illegal aliens. Thirty-five percent said they would like to live in one of these cities, and 14 percent were not sure. Wealthy Americans tend to support sanctuary cities much more than working-class Americans.


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Mar 26

Border Wall Faces Stiff Opposition

President Donald Trump’s efforts to fulfill his campaign promise to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico to stem the flood of illegal immigration and narcotics is running into stiff opposition.

In his first federal budget proposal to Congress, Trump asked lawmakers to approve $2.6 billion to begin construction of the nearly 2,000 mile border barrier, estmated to cost anywhere from $12 billion to $20 billion.  But a number of influential members of Congress, including Republicans, object to restricting the flow of cheap labor favored by many corporations and ethnic advocacy groups.

“If you’re going to spend that kind of money, you’re going to have to show me where you’re going to get that money,” said Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a pro-immigration liberal Republican who has already broken with Trump over his nominee for secretary of education.

“I don’t see how you can get a bill like that through (Congress) without offsets,” she added, referring to possible cuts in other areas of the budget.

Sen. John Cornyn, a Senate Republican who represents the border state of Texas, voiced skepticism about whether a wall would deter aliens from entering the country illegally.

“I have concerns about spending un-offset money, which adds to the debt, period,” Cornyn said bluntly. “I don’t think we’re just going to be able to solve border security with a physical barrier because people can come under, around it and through it.”

Trump’s barrier proposal requires that the wall extend six feet underground to prevent tunnelling.  Trump has not suggested that the barrier should be the only deterrent.  He has also called for beefing up the border patrol with equipment and personnel.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said the administration is considering various methods to pay for the wall, such as imposing a tariff on Mexican imports, or a border crossing tax for non-citizens entering the U.S. from Mexico.

Meanwhile, various left-wing and Hispanic advocacy groups are marshaling forces to stop Congress from funding the wall.  Nearly 60 members of Congress have voiced opposition to Trump’s border security plan, joining a coalition of left-wing groups who seek more immigration to the U.S.  The coalition includes the League of United Latin American Citizens, Latinos for a Secure Retirement, Earthjustice, Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club, and an Hispanic environmentalist group calling itself GreenLatinos.  A number of left-wing Catholic groups have joined the effort, too.  They include the Franciscan Action Network, Pax Christi USA, Nuns on the Bus, and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network.

At the same time, more than 100 retailers and business trade associations oppose any effort to fund border security with taxes on Mexican imports.  Wal-Mart and Target as well as key trade associations are launching a new coalition aimed at fighting any proposal to tax imports.  The National Retail Federation, along with the American International Automobile Dealers Association, the National Grocers Association and others are joining forces to form Americans for Affordable Products, which will run a campaign to convince lawmakers that a border import tax would hurt their profits.

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Mar 24

Full-Length Wall Not Needed

Critics of President Trump’s border wall proposal often maintain that it would be very expensive to build a wall along the full 2,000 mile length of the Mexican border. But a number of authorities maintain that a wall need not be that long. One is Brandon Judd, the head of the union that represents Border Patrol agents. He observed that “We do not need a great wall of the United States. We do not need 2,000 miles of border wall. I will tell you, however, that a wall in strategic locations is absolutely necessary.

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Mar 23

Merkel Has No Moral Authority

More Misinformation from the Media:

The German chancellor is the only leader in Europe who even has a plausible claim to moral leadership. As a victim of Soviet communism, Merkel was always going to be listened to carefully on the question of morality. . . . But it was her unexpected decision to accept some one million refugees that established her moral credentials, especially since no other political leader has taken such a political risk. . . . For while this week’s election in the Netherlands may not be a permanent setback for Europe’s neo-nationalists, it should give comfort to those who worried that Trump’s victory in America would be contagious and that continental Europe was sure to catch the disease. – The Leader of the Free World Meets Donald Trump, Angela Merkel . . . the West’s last best hope, James Rubin, Politico 3/16/17.

Fact Check: Rubin is a former assistant secretary of state in the Bill Clinton administration. His praise of German Chancellor Merkel is a total inversion of reality, and it says as much about him—and his fellow American elites—as it does about Merkel.

To begin with, there is little that is moral about Merkel or her leadership. Far from being a victim of Soviet communism, she was one of its active participants. In Soviet-ruled East Germany she was a willing member of that regime’s communist youth organization.

That experience may have inclined Merkel to the totalitarian mindset she now displays with her open-door refugee policy. This irresponsible action, opposed by two-thirds of Germans, has allowed more than one million so-called refugees from the Middle East and North Africa to settle in Germany. This irresponsible action extends an invitation for millions and millions more to come, an outcome that portends the destruction of historic Germany and its replacement with an Islamic culture. Regarding this outcome as “the West’s last best hope” is a flight into lunacy.

In humanitarian terms, Merkel’s open door makes no sense. As even officials of the European Union acknowledge, most of the new arrivals are not genuine refugees, i.e., people fleeing persecution and violence—but economic migrants, people who simply wish to enjoy a better standard of living. If they  swamp Germany and other European countries, the conditions they eventually create there will be no better than the ones they fled.

The best strategy for alleviating world poverty is for wealthier countries to provide economic assistance to poor countries so that people there will be more inclined to remain where they are. With respect to refugees, a good idea to resettle them as close as possibly to their home countries. This would make more effective use of the money available for resettlement than the much more expensive option of admitting them to Western countries. It also makes it easier for those refugees, who so desire, to return home after conditions there have improved.

As for Merkel “leading the free world,” Germany leaves something to be desired with respect to freedom. Specifically, it is a country that restrains free speech, and Merkel has taken steps to silence public outrage against her “refugee” policy. Criticism of migrants can be labeled “hate speech,” and prosecuted. As German law enforcement eyes citizens who express dissent, it often ignores crimes by migrants against German citizens, including sexual assaults.

People are not truly free if they can’t freely express opposition to government policy. Merkel dismisses the concerns of migration opponents by calling them as “haters.” Yet truly it is she who hates her own country. One indicator of her attitude was the distain and contempt she displayed toward the German flag at a public meeting. Speaking bluntly, Merkel is a traitor to the country she leads, and treachery is hardly a qualification for moral leadership.   

So just what is her agenda? On occasions Merkel has attended meetings of the Bilderberger group. At these secretive meetings the political and financial elites of Western countries regularly come together. Many observers believe that they work to undermine national sovereignty and popular rule in pursuit of global governance. If that is the case, it certainly would explain Merkel’s behavior.

To any patriotic person, this sort of globalism is a disease, and the cure for it is a healthy dose of nationalism.                

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Mar 22

Study: U.S. Workers Are Majority

A common argument of mass immigration advocates is that we need immigrants to do jobs that Americans refuse to do. This implies that there are large segments of the U.S. economy where immigrants are the majority of workers. But a recent study by the Pew Research Center found that native-born citizens comprise the majority of workers in all U.S. industries.


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Mar 21

6O Minutes Exposes H-1B Abuse

The CBS show 60 Minutes did an investigative report on how some U.S. companies are abusing the H-1B visa program by replacing their American workers with foreign workers admitted under the program. The reason is that they can pay the foreigners lower wages. As part of the report, 60 Minutes interviewed former Congressman Bruce Morrison, the author of the H-1B legislation. He stated, “I’m outraged. the H-B program has been hijacked, as the main highway to bring people from abroad and displace Americans.”


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Mar 20

Sanctuary Cities Grow Despite Public Opposition


Even though most Americans strongly oppose the practice, a growing number of cities across the country are being pressured by left-wing groups and politicans to create so-called “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens.

Those jurisdictions provide sanctuary by prohibiting their local police departments from helping federal authorities enforce federal immigration laws.  As a result, many illegal aliens who commit crimes are released into the U.S. population after serving their sentences instead of being deported.

A new report shows sanctuary jurisdictions growing at an alarming rate. The Ohio Jobs and Justice Political Action Committee (OJJ) says there are now nearly 500 sanctuary cities. The group has been tracking sanctuary cities for more than 10 years.

The report said sanctuary cities grew to nearly 500 with the addition of 36 new locales in 2017, The Washington Times reported. Previous reports by other organizations have listed sanctuary jurisdictions at around 300.

“More will be coming,” Steve Salvi, founder of OJJ told the Washington Times. “A lot of communities now, there’s resolutions in the works and citizens groups encouraging city councils to pass them.”

A Harvard-Harris Poll released in February revealed that about 80 percent of American voters disapprove of sanctuary cities.  More than 50 percent support President Donald Trump’s executive order calling for denying federal grants to sanctuary cities.

“The public wants honest immigrants treated fairly and those who commit crimes deported and that’s very clear from the data,” said Harvard-Harris Co-Director Mark Penn.

Asked about the growing list of sanctuaries, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said last week that President Trump stands by his promise to deny taxpayer money to those cities and counties.

But he said it’s probably going to be up to local voters to force changes on their city and county politicians.

“At the end of the day, this is a question for mayors and council members at the local level who have to answer to the people that elected them with clearly a position that is not in keeping with what most Americans believe,” Mr. Spicer said.

The OJJ list is longer than several others that also track sanctuaries, and a number of counties and cities on the list dispute being included.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency that handles deportations, says 279 municipalities refused to cooperate on at least one immigration case in fiscal year 2016.

Many Americans have been raped, killed, or robbed by illegal aliens who should have been deported but were freed by sanctuary cities.   As a candidate, President Trump showcased the many victims of illegal aliens during his campaign.





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Mar 20

Trump and California May Clash

President Trump and the state of California may be on a collision course over the issue of sanctuary policy, i.e., the policy of states and localities to refuse to cooperate with federal efforts to enforce immigration law against illegal aliens. The president has issued an executive order to cut federal funding to those jurisdictions. Meanwhile the California Senate is considering legislation by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon (D-LA) to make California a sanctuary state.


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Mar 17

Mexico Affirms Its Own Sovereignty

Mexico’s Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray affirmed the right of his country to control entry across its borders. His statement in Spanish was reported in the Mexican newspaper Excelsior. The following is the English translation:

“It is very clear. The policy of the admission to Mexico of persons of any country—Central Americans or of any other nationality—is defined by Mexico.

“That is the sovereign power of a country, and we are a sovereign country and we exercise our full sovereignty. Who decides who enters Mexico is Mexico and thus we will have to confront the problem.”

Unfortunately, the Mexican government doesn’t seem to think that the United States has the same right as a sovereign self-governing country.


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Mar 17

Immigrants Overwhelm U.S. Schools

Nearly one in four students in U.S. public schools in 2015 were from immigrant households, according to government data.  In 1980, that share was one in thirteen.

In a flood without precedent in American history, over 59 million aliens have been allowed to settle in the U.S. in the past five decades.

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