Mar 23

Budget Bill Funds Wall–in Jordan

The 2018 omnibus budget bill proposed by Congress funds only 33 miles of border fencing in Texas, but it provides funding for the Middle Eastern country of Jordan to build fencing along its 287-mile borders with Iraq and Syria. The purpose of that fencing is to keep out terrorists.

Neil Munro, a writer for Breitbart, notes that “The Jordan wall is designed to block the movement of jihadis–but the U.S. border wall is being designed by Republicans and Democrats to leave large holes for migrants to move into U.S. jobs and into Democratic-run cities, where they force down wages earned by blue-collar Americans. . . .”

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Mar 22

America Needs ICE

More Misinformation from the Media:

The idea of defunding ICE has gained traction among immigrant-rights groups horrified by the speed at which, under President Donald Trump, the agency has ramped up an already brutal deportation process. . . . Though ICE abolition is spreading on the left, it quickly meets extreme skepticism elsewhere. In part, this is because the mainstream political discourse has a huge blind spot for the agency’s increasingly brutal policies. . . . ICE has become a genuine threat to democracy and is destroying thousands of lives. . . . White supremacy can no longer be the center of immigration policy. – It’s Time to Abolish ICE – A Mass-Deportation Strike Force Is Incompatible with Democracy and Human Rights, The Nation, Sean McElwee, 4/9/18

Fact Check: Immigration and Customs and Enforcement (ICE) enforces immigration law in the interior of the United States away from border areas. Without ICE, illegal aliens who overstayed a visa or slipped across the border are home free to remain in the U.S. and take advantage of our services and benefits as long as they like. It’s understandable that “immigrant rights” groups like such an idea, which would gut out ability to enforce immigration laws.

In reality, these outfits are illegal alien advocacy organizations, and their goal is to undermine our country’s rule of law for the benefit of the foreign interlopers they represent. Illegal aliens are not immigrants, i.e., people who come legally, and they have no right to live in our country.

The writer calls ICE “increasingly brutal,” but with no real specifics as to how its actions exceed the force needed by any law enforcement agency to carry out its duties. The most absurd statement the writer makes is that the activities of ICE are undemocratic. The fact is that these laws were enacted through our process of representative government. Does he really believe that most American citizens oppose internal enforcement of our immigration laws?

The writer speaks of human rights, but seems oblivious to the idea that American citizens are as human as anyone else, and they have the right as citizens is to choose have the kind of country they want to have. To say otherwise is to deny the reality of nationhood. To speak about human rights removed from the context of a particular county and its laws is nonsense. Without a country, rights can’t be defined or enforced.

As for the claim of “white supremacy,” it so typical of the race-baiting that illegal alien advocates commonly employ to divert attention from real issues. A good reply is that illegal is not a race, but a description of lawbreaking.

When people speak of not enforcing our immigration laws, they are saying in effect that our citizenship has no real significance—that citizens and noncitizens are the same. That’s pretty much the same as saying—once again—that our nationhood means little. Given this belief, can illegal alien advocates be considered loyal Americans? It’s a question good citizens need to ask them.

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Mar 21

Coulter: Immigration Weakens Rights

Columnist Ann Coulter believes that mass immigration is weakening the rights of Americans by admitting so many people from countries where our fundamental conceptions of rights are not well understood. Cases in point, she maintains, are our First and Second Amendments.

Coulter notes that “Our two main immigrant groups, Hispanics, and Asians, overwhelmingly, whether it’s Pew Research Center, Cato, all kinds of surveys done over the years, show that white and black Americans overwhelmingly support both free speech and gun rights, and you have almost the reverse percentages with recent immigrants.”


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Mar 20

WashPost ‘Fact Checker’ Not Factual

The Washington Post’s “fact checker” recently claimed that President Trump was wrong when he stated that illegal aliens are more prone to crime than natives. The “fact checker” said that “The majority of the research continues to show that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes. . . .”

The slight-of-hand employed here is to conflate illegal aliens with legal immigrants in the category “immigrants.” While research generally shows that legal immigrants are on average more law-abiding than natives. This should not be surprising because legal entrants are vetted for criminal backgrounds. Illegal aliens. of course, aren’t vetted. Much evidence indicates that illegal aliens are more crime-prone than citizens.


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Mar 19

Far Left Wants to Abolish ICE

Dan Cadman of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reports on a movement to abolish interior enforcement of our immigration laws. He observed, “Just when you think the far left can’t get any more unhinged from the rest of American society, various media outlets are reporting that there is a growing movement among progressive activists pressuring Democrats to publicly call for the abolishment  of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the arm of the federal government that conducts immigration enforcement in the interior of the United States.”

Recently an article in The Nation demanded the termination of ICE. It said enforcement of our immigration laws by ICE is a “threat to democracy.”


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Mar 16

Illegal Alien Appointed to California Office

Senate President pro Tem Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles) appointed an illegal alien, Lizbeth Mateo, to the California Student Opportunity and Access Program Grant Advisory Committee. She is the first illegal alien to appointed a state office in California. Mateo complained that illegal residents are not adequately represented in state government. She stated, “While undocumented students are become more visible in our state they remain underrepresented in places where decisions that affect them are being made.”


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Mar 15

The Job Market Isn’t Tight

Ever since Jeff Sessions decamped for the Justice Department, [Sen.] Tom Cotton [has been] a hard-liner’s hard liner . . . he . . . wants to slash legal immigrant in half. . . . [But] the economic case for halving legal immigration doesn’t make any sense. . . as the following tweet amply demonstrates.

Tom Cotton: Tight labor markets = higher wages for working-class Americans. A key reason to get immigration levels under control. Unemployment may fall to 3.5% this year. The job market is becoming so tight that employers are being forced to cough up wage increases. . . .

So, Cotton’s suggestion that we need to slash immigration to tighten up labor markets is facially bizarre: Our economy is demonstrably capable of producing tight labor markets and record-high immigration. . . the labor market cannot get significantly tighter. – Tom Cotton Doesn’t Oppose Mass Immigration for Economic Reasons, New York Magazine, Eric Levitz, 2/2/18. [Link]

Fact Check: This article rests on the assumption that our labor market really is “tight,” i.e., we have a very low rate of unemployment with employers looking hard to attract workers. The official rate is indeed only 4.1 percent. The problem is that it does not reveal the reality of unemployment.

Economist Paul Craig Roberts, a former assistant secretary of the Treasury for economic policy, notes that “If you have not looked for a job in the past four weeks, you are not counted as being unemployed, because you are not counted as being part of the work force. When there are no jobs to be found, job seekers become discouraged and cease looking for jobs. In other words, the 4.1 percent unemployment rate does not count discouraged workers who cannot find jobs.”

The official figure also counts people as being employed even if they can’t find full-time employment and have to settle for typically low-paying part-time jobs. They can work for only one hour a week and still be counted as employed. Adding them with workers who have not looked for work during the past four weeks but have done so during the past year, the total of unemployment comes to 8.2 percent. The total would be higher if potential workers who have not found work for longer than a year were counted.

Recent economic reports proclaim the creation of many new jobs. However, as Roberts observes, many of these jobs ae low-paying. If the job market were truly tight, he maintains, wages would be rising more than they are. Another point to keep in mind is that most of the newly created jobs have gone to immigrants.

The job market still has plenty of potential for tightening. And an excellent way to do that is a sharp reduction of mass immigration.


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Mar 14

Court Upholds Sanctuary Ban

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Texas Senate Bill 4 which bans sanctuary cities in that state. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton hailed the ruling.

He stated, “I’m pleased the 5th Circuit recognized that the Senate Bill 4 is lawful, constitutional and protects the safety of law enforcement officers and all Texans. Enforcing immigration law prevents the release of individuals from custody who have been charged with serious crimes. Dangerous criminals shouldn’t be allowed back into our communities to possibly commit more crimes.”


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Mar 13

The Wall Can Pay for Itself

A study by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) found that a wall on the Mexican border can pay for itself simply by impeding the flow of illegal aliens. Citing data from the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, CIS noted that “illegal border-crossers create an average fiscal burden of $74,722 during their lifetimes, excluding any costs for their U.S.-born children. If a border wall stopped between 160,000 and 200,000 crossers–9 to 12 percent of those expected to successfully cross in the next decade–the fiscal savings would equal the $12 to $15 billion cost of the wall.


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Mar 12

Orban: Mass Migration Threatens All Standards

Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban affirmed that unchecked mass migration threatens to  pull down all achievements of the receiving countries. He affirmed that “If migration becomes a human right. . . . [And if] sovereignty is taken away, then ancient cultural rights, opportunities and living standards achieved through hard work will be at risk.”

He added, in reference to the Hungarian elections next month that “We have to face the fact that some people out there have set out to turn Hungary into an immigrant country and they have selected as candidates, backed by a lot of money–the international money of George Soros, his civil organizations and a large part of the foreign-owned media operating in Hungary.”


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