Nov 22

Citizenship Matters

More Misinformation from the Media:

Throughout American history, protests have played a key role in many advocacy movements for just causes – from the abolitionist fight against slavery, to the women’s suffrage movement. . . . Because the passage or failure of the Dream Act will determine the future of so many young people, it makes perfect sense for those affected and their allies to engage in all manner of nonviolent advocacy.

In addition, it’s not correct to call undocumented immigrants the pejorative term “illegal,” because it is not a crime to be in this country without documentation. – it’s a civil offense. Acts can be illegal, but people can’t. For example, getting a speeding ticket means that a person has driven faster than the legal speed limit – it does not mean the driver is illegal.

America is the only nation in the world with a statue in our most prominent harbor inviting the world to ‘give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’ Those words engraved on the Statue of Liberty should mean something, and not simply be an empty slogan. – Protests in Support of Undocumented Immigrants Are Part of a Proud American Tradition, Fox News, Rev. Ryan M. Eller, 11/19/17 [Link]

Fact Check: Throughout history American citizens have organized and protested for various causes—and petitioned their elected officials. The key word is “citizens.” The writer of this piece, like so many immigration advocates, doesn’t seem to grasp the meaning of this word. He equates the activism of U.S. citizens with the recent protest by a group of illegal aliens and their supporters at a U.S. Senate office building. The goal of the protest was to pressure to Senate to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

The comparison is outrageous. Here we have a group of foreigners, residing illegally in the United States, trying to tell our elected officials how to run our country.

The writer says that it is not a “crime” to be here without “documentation.” But the reason they lack legal documents is because they are here illegally. In many cases, it is true, the presence of illegal aliens is a civil rather than a criminal offense, but this is legal hair splitting. Their presence is still a violation of the law, and the penalty for that violation is deportation. That consequence suggests the offense is far more serious than speeding—usually punished with a relatively small fine.

Furthermore, whether the simple presence of illegal aliens is civil or criminal, almost all illegal aliens break additional laws in order to remain in the U.S., and many of these are classified as criminal offenses. Examples are document fraud and tax evasion.

The writer’s use of the “huddled masses” quote is so tiresome and typical of immigration advocates. Rather than deal with genuine problems stemming from mass immigration, they deflect debate with sentiments from the Statue of Liberty poem. Nevertheless, this ploy by the writer actually backfires on his intent to justify illegal immigrants. Historically, the huddled masses welcomed by the Statue of Liberty were people who were processed for admission at Ellis Island. They came here legally.

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Nov 21

Democrats Threaten Extortion

Liberal Democrats are threatening political extortion to gain passage of amnesty for illegal aliens in the DACA category before the end of the year. They say they will  not vote for a continuation of government funding if the amnesty is not attached to a bill to authorize funding. Without that funding many operations of the federal government will have to shut down, which would cause distress for many people. These Democrats want passage of the amnesty without any concessions.

The Trump Administration has expressed willingness to consider DACA legislation, but only in exchange for long-overdue immigration reforms, such as restriction of legal chain migration and an end to the Visa Lottery. Some Republican “moderates” have indicated that they may go along with the pro-amnesty Democrats.


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Nov 20

Orban Speaks against Globalist Elites

Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban has again spoken out against globalist elites who promote mass migration from the Middle East and Africa to Europe. As they have seen public opinion shift against them, says Orban, “they’ve invented this magic word ‘populism’ to denigrate all that is national, popular, Christian, and civic — but they repeat this magic word in vain, their incantations are in vain, and their political voodoo is in vain.

“Reality, flesh-and-blood-people, real-life instincts, real human desires, dreams and hopes will conquer the globalist elite still ruling Europe today. And they will make Europe — and within it Hungary — great again.”


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Nov 17

Farm Sector Moves to Automation

As a result of steps by the Trump Administration to improve immigration law enforcement, illegal immigration has declined. As a consequence, farmers who have used illegal alien workers are looking to automation as a means to get their work done. One observer states that “The mantra in agriculture now is automate what you can and pay well for the labor you absolutely have to have.” A report by an agricultural forecaster in 2014 predicted substantial growth of automation in “every aspect of farming, milking [and] food production.”


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Nov 16

We’re a Nation of Americans

More Misinformation from the Media:

We’re not talking about Trump’s building a wall between the United States and Mexico. . . . [T]he wall will never be a part of a serious immigration discussion, outside the most xenophobic and bigoted circles. . . . No, this is about Trump’s endorsement of a Senate bill that would cut in half. . . . There are, of course, noble principles in favor of immigration. America is a nation of immigrants. We welcome your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. . . . And we are stronger for having diverse cultures and ideas. [A study found] that immigration has had little or no impact on long-term wage growth. . . . Those findings align with the findings of . . . the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Immigrants take jobs Americans don’t want. – Maximize Economic Growth by Welcoming Immigrants, The Denver Post Editorial Board, 9/4/17. [Link]

Fact Check: One may certainly disagree with aspects Trump’s plan for a wall. Indeed, many experts believe that building fences at strategic areas on the border would be more cost-effective than a barrier along the whole border. But would the Post’s Editorial Board accept even that? The tenor of their writing makes one wonder. For many immigration advocates it seems that any concern about border security is “xenophobic and bigoted.” If that’s what they think about our border, and by extension our country’s rule of law, what does that say about their loyalty to our country?

Immigration enthusiasts seem to think that they win any argument about immigration by simply repeating the mantra “nation of immigrants” and emoting about “huddled masses.” If we are a nation at all we are a nation of American citizens, whose rights and interests precede those of foreigners. That is the essence of a nation. To say we are nation of immigrants provides no guidance as to what level of immigration is in our national interest or what kinds of immigrants we should take.

Are we really stronger for having diverse cultures and ideas? Certainly it depends on what that kind of diversity and ideas are being discussed. Diversity and ideas that cause strife undermine our common culture certainly don’t make us stronger. And this is what is happening as we accept massive streams of immigration from countries which have beliefs and values quite often antagonistic to our own.

The editorial board goes on to cite a study claiming that immigration doesn’t have a long-term impact on wages. Such studies, however, are often based on assumptions which may or may not happen in the future. We do know, however, what has happened in the past, specifically since the present wave of mass immigration took off in 1965. During the ensuing decades, our wage levels have stagnated. Is this just a coincidence?

One interesting thing about the National Academies of Sciences study, cited by the Editorial Board, is its data showing that immigration currently suppresses the wages of working people, and that this suppression boosts the profits of employers. In effect, mass immigration takes from the poor and gives to the rich. As the media often serve as the mouthpiece for wealthy elites, their advocacy of mass immigration becomes most understandable.

As for the cliché claim that immigrants only take jobs Americans don’t want, data from the Census Bureau reveal that native-born Americans are the majority of workers in almost every occupational category. Even in the few fields where immigrants are the majority, there are still considerable percentages of Americans.

The Editorial Board of The Denver Post has little to offer the discussion of immigration other than name calling, vapid sentimentalism, and faulty analysis. In these respects it resembles most advocacy of mass immigration in the media.


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Nov 16

Illegal Immigration Surges — Courts and Obama Holdovers Cited

After falling in the early months of the Trump administration, illegal immigration is surging once again.  ICE has run out of detention space and is having to tell Border Patrol officers to take captured illegals back to the Mexican border and release them, rather than hold them for formal deportation.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, said Wednesday: “The moment we start releasing them out our front door, you’re going to see a huge increase take place in the numbers coming across.”  Mr. Judd said the tough enforcement rhetoric from the president is good and had an immediate impact earlier this year in persuading aliens not to make the journey north.  Arrests at the border surged to 26,000 last month he said.

Tyler Houlton, acting press secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, suggested the problem was in the courts: “We enforce the law but are severely constrained by litigation, court rulings and debilitating legal loopholes that limit our ability to carry out our mission.”

The other reason for the increase in illegal entries is Obama-appointed officials still in high positions at DHS. Chris Crane, the president of the National ICE Council, in a letter to President Trump this week, warned that the president’s top officers were preventing him from hearing what is really going on.  “While officers view the President’s position on enforcement as courageous, the Trump administration has left all of the Obama managers and leadership in place, a group that ICE Officers know after the last eight years to be completely incompetent, corrupt and anti-enforcement,” Crane wrote.

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Nov 15

Obama Holdovers Still Control ICE

The union that represents the agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) maintains that holdovers in ICE from the Obama Administration are still undermining effective enforcement. The head of the union, the National ICE Council, stated, “While officers view the president’s position on enforcement as courageous, the Trump Administration has left all of the Obama managers and leadership in place, a group that ICE officers know after the last eight years to be completely incompetent, corrupt, and anti-enforcement. . . . [These] holdovers continue to undermine law enforcement operations, and wage war against their own law enforcement officers.”


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Nov 14

Brat Proposes Compromise Bill

Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) said that Republican leaders are considering compromise legislation that would allow for illegal aliens in the DACA category to get legal status. In exchange for that, they would require curtailment of family-chain legal immigration, an end to the diversity visa program, and making it mandatory for businesses to use E-Verify system, which helps prevent hiring of illegal aliens.

“If we get these three,” said Brat, “DACA could be a part of that. I’m open to that compromise, but it can’t be any weaker than that.”


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Nov 13

Bannon: ‘We’re a Nation of Citizens’

Breitbart News Executive Stephen Bannon says the time has come to challenge the cliche that America is “a nation of immigrants.” Says Bannon, who formerly served as policy adviser to President Trump, “We’re a nation of citizens; we’re not a nation of immigrants. So now are we to start act like citizens first. All policy should be oriented to making the working people in this country and the middle class in this country have a better shot at success. And we’ve gotten away from that. What we’re done is brought in huge global competition for their jobs, for their schools.”


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Nov 10

DHS Nominee Supported by Amnesty Advocates

President Trump’s nominee to head the Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielson, has strong support from amnesty supporters who served in the administration of former President George W. Bush. Endorsing her at the Senate confirmation hearing was Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), a leading supporter of the 2013 amnesty bill. Nielson once chaired a committee at the World Economic Forum which promoted mass immigration to the U.S. and Europe.

Many immigration reform advocates question President Trump’s decision to nominate Kirstjen to head the agency charged with enforcing immigration law.


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