Jan 29

La Raza Is a Supremacist Group

“In reality, ethnic advocacy groups such as . . . the National Council of La Raza . . . are genuinely about advancing the interests of the ethnic groups they represent, and are not even remotely hate groups . . . Nor do they engage in political agendas aimed at attacking the interests of other racial groups.” – David Neiwet, Southern Poverty Law Center 12/5/14

Fact Check: The SPLC is a radical-left neo-communist organization which specializes in smearing organizations that advocate immigration law enforcement. Typically it refers to them as racist “hate groups.” Simultaneously it praises organizations like the National Council of La Raza which do everything in their power to prevent effective enforcement of our immigration laws. The SPLC and other radical left groups promote mass immigration, legal and illegal, as a means to destabilize American society. With that goal accomplished, they can move to impose their radical agendas. Author William Hawkins documents this strategy in his book Importing Revolution.

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) is a Latino supremacist organization, as its very name “La Raza” — the Race — suggests. Its leaders counter that La Raza really means “the community” and, in the words of its president, Janet Murguia, the organization aims to “create opportunities for everyone.”

NCLR’s translation finds scant support in any reputable English-Spanish dictionary. Collins Spanish Dictionary defines it as “race, breed, strain, stock.” Indeed the term “La Raza” among Hispanic activists has long had connotations of racial superiority, an outlook derived from the writings of Mexican intellectual Jose Vasconceloss.

On its website, NCLR speaks of promoting opportunities, not for everyone, but for ”Hispanic Americans.” Most commonly, however, it works to help Hispanic foreigners break American immigration laws, in order to build a Hispanic power bloc in this country—a power bloc which will exercise its clout at the expense of law-abiding Americans of other races. Unequal enforcement of laws to benefit one group over others is the essence of supremacism.

Nevertheless, many Hispanic citizens as well suffer from NCLR’s activities. Among them are low-income working people who suffer wage suppression due to competition from illegal aliens. Also there are many Hispanic Americans who oppose a broken system of immigration law enforcement for patriotic reasons. NCLR certainly doesn’t speak for them.

NCLR receives substantial funding from foundations, corporations, and the U.S. taxpayer in the form of government grants. To keep this money flowing as it pushes its agenda, NCLR needs to maintain a public image of respectability. To that end it poses as a “civil rights” organization and refrains from the kinds of racial invective and insults commonly associated with supremacists.

Nevertheless, NCLR sometimes lets its real inclinations show through in its support of Hispanic radicals. On at least one occasion it gave funds to a chapter of MEChA, an organization that promotes Aztlan, a Hispanic homeland to be created by detaching our southwestern states from the U.S. NCLR also supports a network of charter schools, a number of which promote anti-American sentiments and racial antagonism.

Like the Southern Poverty Law Center, NCLR deflects attention away from its motives and agenda by shrill accusations of “hate” against its opponents. They’re not supposed to notice that NCLR—as a promoter of illegal immigration—hates our country’s rule of law and its sovereignty.

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Jan 29

Sessions: Reject AG Nominee Over Amnesty

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) on Wednesday evening implored his colleagues to join him in opposition to the nomination of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General of the United States.  Lynch testified in support of Obama’s executive amnesty and said she believes illegal aliens have a right to work in this country.  Sessions says the Senate should reject any AG nominee who supports Obama’s lawless immigration edicts.

Source:  http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/01/28/jeff-sessions-oppose-loretta-lynchs-nomination-as-attorney-general-over-executive-amnesty/

Posted 1/29/15 by Andrew Lewis

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Jan 28

Poll: Most Voters Oppose Obama Edicts

A Paragon Insights survey found that 58 percent of registered voters oppose President Obama’s decrees granting legal status and work permits to illegal aliens. Only 36 percent of registered voters support them.

Read more at breitbart.com.

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Jan 27

GOP Border Security Bill Fails To Build Fence

The border security bill introduced by House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul (R-TX) calls for less than 50 miles of new border fencing which would not even complete the 700 miles of double-layer fencing mandated by a 2006 law.  A McCaul aide claimed that fences were too expensive.

Source:  http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/01/26/house-homeland-security-committee-aides-say-no-fence-for-border-because-its-too-expensive/

Posted 1/27/15 by Andrew Lewis

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Jan 26

I-Squared Deal Hatched

I-Squared Deal Hatched

By Jim Gillespie


On January 13, the Immigration Innovation Act of 2015 was introduced in the U.S. Senate by Senators Hatch (R-UT), Klobuchar (D-MN), Rubio (R-FL), Coons (D-DE), Flake (R-AZ), and Blumenthal (D-CT). This bill, versions of which have failed in previous years, is aimed at the H-1B visa system, which exists to provide work permits for foreign naturals in the high-tech industry. This “second front,” if you will, in the pro-immigrationists’ assault on traditional America has support not only from the left–which is ever avid to support any measure that will pack the U.S. with more immigrants–but also from the putative right: high-tech billionaires, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the like. For that reason, Republican leaders like Hatch think it might be an easier avenue of attack than the broader immigration question. Call it the “soft underbelly” campaign.

January 22, article in Bloomburg News quoted Julisse Arce,  the head of Define American (an organization dedicated to a “more thoughtful conversation about immigration) who explained the tactic:  “[P]eople in the U.S. tend to have a strong bias against undocumented workers but not against people who come to the U.S. to work in tech. The unconscious bias is that undocumented workers are stealing jobs, but others who ‘have a college degree and are highly intelligent’ should be part of the American workforce.”

Should the approach work, the “gang of six” promise more to come: i.e., comprehensive “reform.”

The Immigration Innovation Act–dubbed “I-Squared”–would increase the H-1B cap from a supposedly “solid” 65,000 per year to a much more fluid 115,000, with the ability to float with demand. In effect, the cap is virtually eliminated. It would, in fact, explicitly do away with any caps on foreigners holding advanced degrees in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) area.

Hatch and the other members of his bipartisan group stress that their bill is in response to a desperate need in the high-tech industry for skilled workers, in spite of that myth having been refuted time and again. Breitbart reported after the bill was announced that a “stunning 3 in 4 Americans with a STEM degree do not hold a job in a STEM field—that’s a pool of more than 11 million Americans with STEM qualifications who lack STEM employment.”  Many of those native-born workers have fallen victim to the constant layoffs among the top high-tech corporations.

A July 2014 column in USA, “Bill Gates’ tech worker fantasy,” written by five academic specialists in labor markets, is one of many refutations of this carefully constructed myth. Written in response to an op-ed piece by Gates calling for H-1B increases, the column points out that at the time the op-ed appeared, Microsoft was announcing a layoff of 18,000. The push by the high-tech billionaires for more foreign workers is not about filling a desperate need of workers, it is about their really desperate need to keep as much money as they can by scrimping on salaries as much as they can get away with.

The fact is that wages in the high-tech sector plateaued years ago and have remained stagnant for at least the past 16 years. A 2011 article in the high-tech trade journal Computerworld revealed that, on average, H-1B employees in Silicon Valley made $40,000 less per year than native-born ($52,000 compared with $92,000). Combining H-1B hires with layoff of veteran employees keeps the corporations’ bottom lines happy. The article cites a recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report that found more than half of H-1B workers were paid entry-level wages. “One large offshore firm hired 100 visa-holding computer programmers at $12.25 an hour,” the authors wrote. “That’s hardly the best and the brightest.”

The Silicon Valley STEM Hoax

The most thorough-going response to Senator Hatch’s fantasies is a document prepared by Senator Jeff Sessions’ staff, entitled “Immigration Handbook for the New Republican Majority,” which Senator Sessions has been circulating around his colleagues. A separate section of that document, titled “The Silicon Valley STEM Hoax,” deals with the labor shortage myth in detail.

It quotes Rutgers public policy professor Hal Salzman, who has calculated that, with unlimited H-1B visas, fully 100% of new hires in the tech industry are likely to be foreign. According to Salzman, guest workers already constitute two-thirds of high-tech new hires in the United States. Unlimited H-1B’s would displace the remaining one third of native-born Americans.

And the reason? Salzman explains: “[E]mployers are demanding further increases. If such lobbying efforts succeed, firms … can continue to legally substitute these younger workers for current employees, holding down wages for both them and new hires.”

Make no mistake. Hatch and his co-conspirators, along with all the other fellow travelers and camp followers tagging along on this immigration offensive, know that this has nothing to do with a labor shortage. Nor does it have to do with compassion for highly trained workers far from home. And no one really believes these workers are going to be out winning Nobel prizes anytime soon. This is about cheap labor.

The Grand Poobah of the high-tech billionaires himself Bill Gates, is at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, as this is being written. In an interview, Gates slammed the United States’ “perverse” policy of sending educated foreigners away instead of welcoming them to the American workforce. America “must overhaul” its laws, Gates declared.

Senator Sessions has an answer for Gates. He quotes the aforementioned “Bill Gates’ tech worker fantasy” which reported that 92% of Chinese graduates already stay in this country, as do 81% of Indians. No further enticement should be required.

Keeping talent isn’t the goal of Gates and company. Keeping money is.

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Jan 24

Jeff Sessions To Head Senate Immigration Subcommittee

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the Senate’s leading defender of immigration limitation and opponent of President Obama’s open borders policies, has been named chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration, it was announced on Thursday.  Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), a strong ally of Sessions and Middle America, was named that subcommittee’s deputy chairman.

As chairman of the Immigration Subcommittee, Sessions said his focus “will be to advance the core interests of the nation and its people” over the interests of lobbyists, special interests and illegal aliens. “On no issue have special interests had a tighter grip than on the issue of immigration,” he said, noting that his first action was to rename the subcommittee:

“That is why I am renaming the subcommittee “Immigration and the National Interest,” as a declaration to the American people that this subcommittee belongs to them.”

Source:  http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/01/22/jeff-sessions-named-chairman-of-senate-immigration-panel-renames-panel/

Posted 1/24/15 by Andrew Lewis

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Jan 24

Border Patrol Agents: GOP Border Security Bill Weak ‘Window Dressing’

The National Border Patrol Council, the union representing Border Patrol agents, on Friday blasted the House GOP’s new border security bill, calling it “window dressing” that fails to add any new agents or update their weapons to allow the border to be secured.  The legislation, written by House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX), would require more fencing, drones, and other security.

The union for officers at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced its opposition to the GOP bill earlier in the week.  The Obama administration also opposes the bill, claiming the border is secure.

Read more at the Washington Times:  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/24/border-patrol-agents-say-gops-border-security-bill/ http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/24/border-patrol-agents-say-gops-

Posted 1/24/15 by Andrew Lewis

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Jan 23

Former Mexican President Endorses Amnesty

Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon said that the United States should pass amnesty legislation to make sure that President Obama’s amnesty edict won’t be repealed. He added that most Mexicans who come across the border are “looking just for an opportunity for more revenue,” and are “not looking for a new country with a new family.”

Calderon made his statements while attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The Forum is a gathering of international elites who believe that national borders are a hindrance to corporate profits and global governance.

Read more at breitbart.com.

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Jan 22

Immigration Robs Poor to Benefit Rich

Virtually every credible economist has found that immigration increases growth, tax revenue, and wages—with the exception of a modest decrease in wages for those without a high school education. . . . No serious person can argue that we don’t have a shortage in the high-tech fields. . . .” – Jennifer Rubin, Right Turn column, washingtonpost.com, 1/6/15.

Fact Check: Perhaps the most credible economist on these issues is Dr. George Borjas of Harvard University. Business Week and the Wall Street Journal describe him as “America’s leading immigration economist.”

He agrees that immigration increases the size of the economy, just as it increases the size of the population. But the net benefit of immigration (legal and illegal) to native-born Americans is only $35 billion a year, or just 0.2 percent of the total GDP of the U.S. This gain, however, comes at the expense from a total reduction of U.S. workers’ wages per year of $402 billion—this reduction being the consequence of competition from immigrant workers.

Basically, immigration enriches America’s rich—often by providing them higher profits from the use of cheap immigrant labor—while reducing the incomes of poor and relatively poor Americans. Rubin dismisses their losses as “modest,” but for people who have trouble making ends meet, even a “modest” reduction is far from insignificant.

As for taxes, immigrants indeed pay them, but because many of them are low-income they receive more in social benefits than they pay into the system. Confirming this fiscal loss from immigration was the 1997 study conducted by the National Research Council, the most extensive study to date on the benefits and liabilities of immigration.

Lower-income American workers, however, are not the only Americans harmed by our immigration policies. Despite Rubin’s claim, plenty of serious people maintain that we don’t have a shortage of Americans to fill jobs in high-tech or STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

In fact, the Census Bureau reports that “only 26 percent of people with any type of four-year STEM degree are working in a STEM field. For those with a degree specifically in computer science, math or statistics, the figure is 49 percent, nearly the same for engineering degrees.”

Why aren’t they working in the fields for which they have trained? A big reason is that U.S. companies desiring cheap labor and servile workers have use the false claim of a worker shortage to import foreigners under temporary programs. “There is no evidence of any way, shape, or form that there is a shortage in the conventional sense,” observes Hal Salzman, a professor of planning and public policy at Rutgers University. He adds that “[companies] may not be able to find [workers] at the price they want. But I’m not sure that qualifies as a shortage, any more than my not being able to find a half-priced TV.”

Salzman recently did a study for the Economic Policy Institute which found that real wages in tech fields haven’t increased since 1999. If there truly has been an on-going shortage of workers, wages would have risen—and risen significantly. “It seems pretty clear,” notes Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy research, “that the [tech] industry just wants lower-cost labor.”

Rubin claims to be a conservative, but it is clear that her version of conservatism has little to do with conserving the standards and character of our country. It’s mainly about conserving the advantages of economic elites. Their policy is the reverse of Robin Hood’s: rob from the poor and give to the rich.

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Jan 22

Thomas Sowell: ‘Resentment’ of America Behind Obama Amnesty

Thomas Sowell, one of the nation’s leading conservative economists and social philosophers, recently gave an interview that included his views on immigration and Obama’s executive amnesty. Here are excerpts:

“…there is no immigration policy because people can cross the border at will. And the reason is that so many politicians are afraid of the Hispanic vote. Of course, the more amnesty you give, the larger that vote will be, and the less control of the borders you will have in the future.”

[The interviewer then asked Dr. Sowell “Now, with President Obama’s recent executive order on illegal immigration, effectively legalizing possibly up to 5 million of them, is he trying to expand the base of the Democratic Party?”] Professor Sowell responded in part:

“It’s that, but I think it’s also more fundamental than that. I think he believes that the world is unfair and those who are more fortunate are just lucky–you know, ‘You didn’t build that’–and that his role, as he said to Joe the Plumber, is to spread the wealth around. And so he is letting people into this country so they can partake in the wealth that the existing American population has created. I think his response to the Ebola crisis was typical, sending our troops over there. He doesn’t view his role as protecting the American people from this disease. I think this is a man who has enormous resentments toward this country, especially towards those people who have flourished and prospered here.”

Read more at:  http://www.frontpagemag.com/2015/david-hogberg/thomas-sowell-resentment-of-america-fueling-obama-amnesty/

Posted 1/22/15 by Andrew Lewis


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