Trump Supports ‘Pro-American Immigration’

President Trump says he supports “pro-American immigration policies.” Mark Krikiorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), welcomes this phrase as “an improvement over establishment slogans, such as “Nation of Immigrants,” or “Diversity Is Our Strength” because it pressures [immigration advocates] to concoct a rationale for how what they want is also pro-American.”

Explaining further Krikorian noted that “Cliches clearly affect the way people think about an issue if they’re repeated enough. That was one of [George] Orwell’s message in 1984: Once people can’t articulate their concerns about an issue, you know the powers-that-be have won. . . If there’s no way to talk about immigration that doesn’t include the cliches about a “Nation of Immigrants” and “Diversity Is Our Strength,” then it becomes difficult for people to even articulate their concerns about immigration because they don’t have the words for it.”

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