The Post Pushes Lawlessness

The Quote Below—More Misinformation from the Media

“After the measures designed by the Trump administration to terrify, threaten and deter migrants from seeking refuge in the United States, President-elect Joe Biden faces a needle-threading challenge immediately on taking office. As he seeks to recalibrate immigration policy so that it is more compassionate, rational and aligned with America’s traditions and interests, he must also avoid triggering a new humanitarian crisis at the Mexican border featuring unauthorized Central Americans and Mexicans streaming north to escape the economic fallout of recent hurricanes and the pandemic.

“Make no mistake. Despite Mr. Biden’s distaste for the cruelty and bigotry at the heart of President Trump’s immigration policies, it would be self-defeating for the new administration to take steps that would encourage, intentionally or not, a new surge of illegal border crossing. Any hope of building public support for a legislative overhaul of the immigration system, let alone bipartisan backing in Congress, would be blown to pieces by fresh images of pandemonium at the border. . . .

“The risk is real and building. More than 140,000 undocumented migrants were apprehended at the southern border in October and November combined, the highest numbers for those months in almost a decade. And that was despite the Trump administration’s policy of turning back nearly all detainees without an asylum hearing, on the basis of an emergency public health edict.  A pair of devastating hurricanes in Central America, coupled with the economic ravages wrought by the pandemic there as well as in Mexico, are now thought likely to drive new waves of migrants. . . .”— Biden Needs to Restore American Values to Immigration Policy Without Triggering a Border Surge, Editorial Board, The Washington Post, 12/24/20 [Link]

Fact Check of Quote Below: These editorialists, like most illegal alien advocates, seem to think it outrageous that foreigners should have to obey American laws. Such laws are nothing but “cruelty and bigotry” designed to “threaten” the “undocumented.” The latter term is a patently dishonest attempt to make lawbreakers appear like decent folks who just absent-mindedly forgot some papers. No, the reason they don’t have papers which document legal residence is because they are here illegally.

Obviously this illegality means little to the Post’s editorial writers. Consequently, it seems that they have little respect for our country’s rule of law or our right as a sovereign nation to decide whom we will admit or exclude. That doesn’t sound very “rational” or in any way “aligned with America’s traditions and interests.”

The Post’s editorialists rage against President Trump’s policy of keeping asylum claimants in Mexico. This policy went into effect after illegal aliens caught on that making bogus claims for asylum in the U.S. was a way for them to stay here. As more and more employed this scam, their numbers overwhelmed our authorities and gravely threatened our border security.

The Trump Administration took action by noting that most of the migrants claiming asylum were people seeking better social and economic conditions. These are not legal grounds to claim asylum. A legitimate asylum seeker is someone facing state persecution because of political beliefs, ethnicity and other affiliations. Most of the claimants have been from Central America.

The Trump Administration rightly observed that if it was freedom from persecution that they really wanted, they could have applied for asylum in Mexico rather than continuing on a long journey to the United States. The editorialists even seem to concede that “economic ravages” and other motives unrelated to asylum are the real reasons why the migrants are coming.

The editorialists are concerned that the in-coming Biden Administration does not move too quickly to repeal Trump’s reforms and thereby encourage a new stampede across the border. No doubt they fear that this could create a backlash and public demand for putting those reforms back in place.

The editorialists just want the loss of our law and sovereignty to proceed without alarming the American peasants too much. In such fashion they can serve their globalist masters who want to erase our American nation.


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