The New York Times Urges Obama to Flout the Law

In an editorial entitled “Not One More” the editorial board of The New York Times called for an end to “needless deportations” of illegal aliens. The editorial (10/27/13) stated, “In marches and vigils across the country, protestors have made one plea on deportations to Mr. Obama: “Not one more. He should heed it.”

 Fact Check: With the exception of some violent criminals, the Times is basically calling on Obama to stop the deportation of all other illegal aliens by using whatever pretext or legal ruse he can devise. The Times editorial board seems to appreciate the president’s proven talents in doing so, the most notable example being his unilateral declaration to allow illegal aliens in the “Dream Act” category to remain in the country.

Evidently it doesn’t matter either to Obama or the NYT editorial board that the law applies to everyone who breaks our laws.

The justification the NYT editorials use for cutting deportations to near zero is that the Obama Administration has been far too zealous in carrying them out. This is the bogus—but endlessly repeated claim—that the administration has conducted “record deportations.” The value of this claim for the administration is that this alleged show of enforcement makes Obama’s push for amnesty seem more reasonable.

But in a moment of candor, to reassure opponents of enforcement, Obama confessed that the “record deportations” were “a little deceptive.” Actually it was more than just a little, as shown by a recent study by the Center for Immigration Studies. Cutting through the administration’s statistical hocus pocus, it reveals that deportations have declined under Obama. See the link below.            

As The New York Times offers its unwavering support to the cause of illegal immigration, it might be significant to note its relationship with Mexican multi-billionaire Carlos Slim, rated by Forbes as the world’s richest man. Like many other upper-class Mexicans, Slim criticizes efforts by the United States to control its southern border.

In 2009 when the Times was having financial problems, Slim loaned the paper $250 million. Later he and his family increased their holdings to 7.5 percent of the The New York Times Company’s Class A shares, along with the option of acquiring a total of 16 percent.

Could the Times ever change its stance on illegal immigration? The chances of that happening are truly Slim.


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