Star Smears Kobach and Social Contract

“Kris Kobach should have turned down appearance at event sponsored by anti-immigration publication. Kobach has long been known for affiliations with extremist groups.

“[The Social Contract Press] is blatantly xenophobic and holds a spot on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups. . . . Any sensible politician would avoid having anything to do with it. Yet there was Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, proudly participating in a writer’s workshop sponsored by the group last week in Washington, D.C. Kobach’s appearance was first flagged by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a longstanding civil rights group. . . . Kobach has been comfortable in extremist circles. . . . Sadly, those affiliations have not harmed Kobach’s political career and may have even helped it.” — Kris Kobach’s Despicable Affiliation with Extremist Groups Offends Kansans, The Kansas City Star, Editorial, 11/4/15.

Fact Check: What truly is despicable is Star’s affiliation, as a source of information, with the radical left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). This disreputable organization routinely attaches the label of “hate” to any person or viewpoint its hates. It particularly despises patriotic groups that want our immigration laws enforced and argue for a more moderate level of legal immigration. SPLC spokesman Mark Potok once announced that it was his mission “to destroy” these organizations. And spreading falsehoods about them is one tactic the SPLC uses to carry out this objective.

One example was its report on the Social Contract’s writer’s workshop, which evidently was the basis for the Star’s editorial. The SPLC article claimed that the workshop was a “white nationalist” gathering. Actually it was a meeting of Americans of different ethnic and racial backgrounds who believe that lawlessness and excessive immigration are not beneficial to the country they share.

At this “white nationalist” meeting, two of the featured speakers were Hispanic Americans. Also in attendance were Asians and black Americans. One of the latter expressed her deep outrage at the SPLC’s false characterization. See the link below.

Radical leftists don’t care about truth. Their Marxist ideology teaches that the end justifies the means. And one of their common tactics, as outlined by Saul Alinsky, one of their leading theorists, is character assassination. Commonly they malign anyone who questions open borders and mass immigration as an extremist, a xenophobe, and other politically-correct invectives. They hope to use immigration as a weapon to destabilize society, at which point they can advance their radical agenda.

Are The Kansas Star editors radicals? Probably not. Much more likely they are mentally lazy people who simply go with the flow of political correctness. Thus they call Kobach an “extremist.” Significantly, a lot of his “extremism” has consisted of his support of enforcing immigration laws. At the writer’s workshop he described his legal work to stop the Obama Administration’s unconstitutional amnesty edict. What’s extreme about defending the constitutional separation of powers that safeguard our liberties?

Most telling is the Star’s admission that Kobach has solid political support. Indeed a majority of Kansans elected him secretary of state. Are they all “extremists?” And is it “xenophobic” to enforce our laws and suggest that a lower level of immigration might benefit natives and immigrants alike?

Perhaps the Star’s editorial could address these questions, but it’s highly unlikely that they will. They, like so many other contemporary journalists, are creatures of fashion and politically correct conformity. This no doubt is one reason why public trust of the media is at a historic low.



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