Ramos Supports Illegal Immigration

More Misinformation from the Media:

“‘I’m using Mexico to protect our border.’ Millions of Americans didn’t even notice this recent remark made by President Trump. But Mexicans certainly did. They thought Mr. Trump’s words were a blatant attack on their nation’s sovereignty. . . .

“A salient feature of Mexico’s current foreign policy is [its] reluctance to confront anyone outside of the country. In short, American officials say what they want, and Mexico — almost always — goes along with it. The relationship between the two nations is by no means an egalitarian one. In fact, it poses a threat to Mexico: Mr. Trump has previously warned that he would impose tariffs if Mexico didn’t back his immigration agenda. . . .

“But Mexico is not only using the National Guard to turn away Central Americans. It has also agreed to accept immigrants who are seeking asylum in the United States while their applications are being processed. The country is basically America’s waiting room. . . .

“What can Mexico do? It must refuse to be Mr. Trump’s wall, to be the United States’ waiting room and safety valve. . . . Mr. Trump is on the wrong side of history. When he finally leaves office, his accomplices and partners, inside and outside the United States, will be judged harshly for their misdeeds.” – Trump: ‘I’m Using Mexico, Jorge Ramos, The New York Times, 10/7/19 [Link]

Fact Check of Quote Above: The Trump policy is not an assault on Mexico’s sovereignty. The Mexicans are perfectly free to choose whether they want to cooperate or not. If they don’t, they will suffer an economic loss, but that is not a loss to their ability to rule themselves.

In any case, Mexico certainly owes us the favor of stopping migrants before they reach our border. For years, the Mexican government has totally disregarded American sovereignty by promoting the illegal movement of Mexicans to the United States. One example was a comic book it published instructing Mexicans how to sneak across our border.

To help them to stay here and take advantage of our society, the Mexican government greatly expanded the number consulates in the U.S. to assist them. One of their activities was promoting acceptance in the U.S. of the consular matricula card, a bogus ID issued to Mexican illegal aliens. The Mexican government also initiated a dual nationality policy to encourage Mexicans legally living in the U.S. to retain a loyalty to Mexico.

It is not true, however, that the U.S. alone is benefitting from Mexico’s efforts to stem the flow of Central American migrants. A recent poll found that a majority of Mexicans don’t want caravans of foreigners coming through their country and causing disruption. Their concerns no doubt have influenced their government’s policy on migration.

To understand the slant of this article it’s helpful to consider its source, the anchor of the Spanish language network Univision, Jorge Ramos. He is an individual who properly can be described as a Latino supremacist. In his book The Latino Wave, Ramos basically excuses illegal immigration and calls on Hispanics to shun assimilation and become an ethnic power bloc.

He states in the book, “while no fighting is taking place on the military or legal fronts, there is fighting going on culturally. It’s the Reconquest. Latinos are culturally reconquering lands that once were part of the Spanish empire. . . .”

Ramos also revealed his agenda in the following statement, “I’m a proud Latino immigrant here in the United States. You know exactly what is going on here in the US. There are many people who do not want us to be here and who want to create a wall in order to separate us. But you know what, this is also our country. Let me repeat this, our country, not theirs, it’s our country.”

It’s clear that Ramos’ real concern is not that Mexico is helping to stop the flow of illegal aliens to the U.S. His real objection is that anyone is trying to do it.


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