Malkin: Another Cynical Democrat ‘Citizenship’ Drive

Columnist Michelle Malkin exposes Obama’s new “U.S. citizenship and immigrant civic integration” campaign in her column today as a massive taxpayer-financed, election season Democratic Party voter registration drive.

“There’s only one time when you can depend on the chronically backlogged, recklessly inefficient Department of Homeland Security to perform smoothly: election season.”

“Did you know that the Obama White House released $10 million in taxpayer money to 40 of its favorite left-wing groups in 26 states to facilitate the expedient citizenship drive?”

“The dysfunctional DHS can’t control our borders.  It has failed to prevent massive fraud in our asylum, student visa, business visa, tech worker visa and immigrant investor green card programs…. But when it comes to signing up new potential Democratic voters in droves, the feckless feds run a NASCAR-ready well-oiled machine.”

Read it all here:

Posted 9/23/15 by Andrew Lewis


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