Lawsuit Against Obama Amnesty Raises Many Issues

Numerous parties have filed briefs in the leading case challenging President Obama’s executive amnesty plan — including a Florida goat farmer defending Obama who accuses Republicans of being neo-Nazis and says foreigners are much more likely to buy his goats. More serious arguments are presented in briefs filed by big-city mayors, major labor unions, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, liberal think tanks, and Democratic governors, to name just a few. The suit was brought by Texas and numerous GOP-led states. A preliminary ruling by federal district judge Andrew Hanen in Brownsville, Texas, could come as early as this week.

Josh Blackman, a law professor at the South Texas College of Law who has written extensively on Obama’s abuse of his power, filed his own friend-of-the-court brief arguing that Mr. Obama overstepped his authority. Blackman told The Washington Times there has been little scholarly debate about the merits of the case so far.


Posted 2/2/15 by Margaret Hull


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