Hungary Makes the Right Choice

More Misinformation from the Media:

[Migration] . . . from the Middle East and Africa . . . is indisputably a difficult problem, but it is not made easier by the inhospitable attitudes of some of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe – Hungary in particular – which have stubbornly blocked entry of refugees. This is a shame, given that in 1989, Hungary led the way in opening its borders to let the people of Communist-ruled Eastern Europe move freely between East and West. . . .

Hungary and its neighbors are not alone in trying to keep immigrants out. President Trump has set a scandalous example by his demagogic policy on immigration. Britain’s vote to leave the European Union was based largely on blocking immigrants, and populists and nationalists parties have exploited immigration to gain strength in many other European nations. – Hungary Is Making Europe’s Migrant Crisis Worse, The New York Times, Editorial Board, 9/8/17 [Link]

Fact Check: It’s bad enough that The New York Times pushes the unrestrained mass immigration that is destroying the historic American nation. But it doesn’t stop there. The Times also recommends this policy for Europe as well. Proud little Hungary refuses to give in, and sets an example for Western countries on both sides of the Atlantic.

To liken Hungary’s action in 1989 to permitting mass migration from Africa and the Middle East is an absurd analogy. In 1989, in defiance of Communist tyranny, the Hungarians opened their border to allow East Germans to travel to West Germany. It was a decision that affirmed German nationality, and it did not upset the fundamental order of Europe.

The current migration to Europe is doing exactly that. Hard hit is Germany where the influx has caused severe social tensions. The German government, headed by Angela Merkel, doesn’t seem to care as it focuses on silencing the patriotic Germans who protest. The Hungarian government has made note of this situation, and unlike the Merkel government, is attentive to what its citizens want.

The European Union (EU) and other promoters of the migration claim that the migrants must be admitted as refugees, i.e., people fleeing persecution. But even EU officials admit that a substantial majority of the migrants are fleeing to Europe for economic reasons, not because of persecution or danger. In Germany, a high percentage of so-called Syrians are not from Syria.

In countries to the east and south of Europe there are massive numbers of poor and relatively poor people. To let large numbers of them in is simply inviting a demographic tidal wave which would inundate Europe. Further complicating matters is that most of the migrants and potential migrants are Islamic, a religious creed profoundly at odds with commonly held European values. Hungary, with its history of 150 years under Islamic oppression, is understandably adverse to a growing Muslim presence.

The New York Times thinks it’s “scandalous” that the people of America and other countries want to maintain their heritage and character. That’s really a strong word to describe President Trump’s rather moderate immigration proposals such as enforcing our immigration laws, screening travelers from terrorist-harboring countries, and reducing legal immigration, now at the highest sustained level in our country’s history. Far from being a scandal, that’s simple common sense. What’s truly scandalous is that the Times endorses a globalist anti-national agenda, both here and abroad, which expresses elitist contempt for popular sentiment.


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