Europe’s Elites Seem Determined to Commit Suicide by ‘Diversity’

Douglas Murray, in an opinion piece in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal, looks at the suicidal open borders policies of European elites.  Some excerpts:

Why did Europe decide it could take in the poor and dispossessed of the world?  Why did we decide that anybody in the world fleeing war, or just seeking a better life, could come to Europe and call it home?

Over recent decades Europe has made a hasty effort to redefine itself.  As the world came in, we became wedded to “diversity.” As terrorism grew and more migrants arrived, public opinion in Europe began to harden.  Today “more diversity” remains the cry of the elites, who insist that if the public doesn’t like it yet, it is because they haven’t had enough of it.

The migration policies of the political and other elites of Europe suggest that they are suicidal.  The interesting thing to watch in the years ahead will be whether the publics join them in their pact.  I wouldn’t bet on it.

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