Coulter: ‘Hispanics Wouldn’t Vote GOP If You Held A Gun To Their Head’

After watching the Democratic presidential contenders at the Tuesday night debate call the NRA the “enemy,” Ann Coulter wrote: “I gather Democrats have written off the gun vote.”  She goes on to explain in her column that “… Democrats have made a calculated decision that they are not going to win a majority of gun owners, so they denounce them with abandon…”  

“Somehow, the left has convinced the GOP to obsess over winning people who will never give us a majority of their votes, which is the exact opposite of the Democrats’ strategy for themselves.”

“Republicans don’t need to treat Hispanics with the contempt that Democrats treat gun-owners.  We do not dislike Hispanics.  We do not dislike any group.”

“We just have to protect Americans first — American jobs, American taxes and American social programs being bankrupted by immigrants. Most voters don’t think it’s an outrageous imposition to ask people to obey our laws.”

“The Democrats ignore white voters and they were 73.7 percent of the electorate in 2012.  Hispanics were only 8.4 percent that year.”

“I haven’t seen an estimate of the electoral percentage of gun-owners, but with one-third to half of all Americans owning guns, it’s a lot more than 8.4 percent.”

“Democrats know not to fritter time on constituencies they can’t win, but have buffaloed Republicans into wasting resources on a quixotic bid to win a slightly larger — but still losing — percentage of the 8.4 percent of the electorate that is the Hispanic vote.”

“You’ve been conned, GOP.  You are never going to beat the Democrats at sucking up to foreigners.  And your conservative base will flee.”

You can read all of her column here:

Posted 10/15/15 by Andrew Lewis


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