California Crazy: Politicians Make State Sanctuary for Illegals

Michael Reagan, son of the late president, in a column posted Friday describes the sad condition of the once-Golden State:

“Why does California even bother to have a border?

Why does the United States of America?

In 2013 the governor of our one-party state, Jerry Brown, and the Democrats in Sacramento effectively turned California into a sanctuary state.

They told Washington that if any of the illegal immigrants arrested here had not committed a serious crime they would not be turned over to federal immigration officials for deportation.

Now the council of Santa Ana has voted to join more than 30 other California towns that have declared themselves sanctuary cities.

Illegal immigrants in California already get free health services and schools for their kids.  They already can get a driver’s license.  Now they’re talking about letting them vote.

Immigrants from around the planet used to come to America to work hard, get rich and become Americans.  Now they come here – often illegally – and want Americans to assimilate to their cultures and give them free stuff.

It’s getting so crazy in California, legal immigrants from Mexico are thinking of moving back.”

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