Bill O’Reilly’s Take on Immigration

Fox TV personality Bill O’Reilly recently gave his opinions on immigration and the presidential election, as well as possible solutions.  While Mr. O’Reilly is far from an expert on immigration issues, given his large following, Real Clear Politics published a transcription of his thoughts Tuesday.  Here are some excerpts: 

“Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party had absolutely no interest in being responsible on the issue of people traveling to the USA illegally or even protecting Americans from vicious foreign criminals already here.  In fact, the far-left wing of that party actually wants open borders and blanket amnesty for the undocumented living all across the country..

Liberal zealotry sees America as a nation driven by white privilege and wants to flood the USA with new citizens, the fewer restraints the better.

Thus, Trump’s tough guy approach to enforcing immigration law propelled his campaign…

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