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What’s Good for General Motors….

Back during the Eisenhower administration, the CEO of General Motors,  Charles “Engine Charlie” Wilson, famously said something like, “What’s good for General Motors is good for the country,” the country being the United States. (His actual wording was a little different, but his sentiment was clear.) How times have changed.

Nowadays, “what’s good for General Motors” is lots more employees from any country but the United States.  Beginning this week, the company plans to lay off 4,250 white-collar employees in North America, which is just a start. It’s part of an overall scheme to shed fully 14,700 workers of all stripes, including at least 3,300 American factory workers.

These jobs are not necessarily surplus. It’s only the people who currently hold them who are surplus. In many cases, they will be replaced by cheaper foreign workers from such countries as  India, China, Brazil, and South Korea.

These displacements are made possible by a federal program that large multinationals dearly love: the H-1B visa program. Each year, more than 100,000 foreign workers are allowed to come and work in the U.S. for up to six years. All too often, when one H-1B visa holder comes in the front door of a company, an American worker goes out the side. So it is with GM, which in the past few years has attempted to replace hundreds of workers in plants in Detroit, Milford, Pontiac, and Warren, Michigan, plus additional employees in Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina. According to Breitbart.com, these jobs included  “320 electrical engineering jobs, nearly 320 mechanical engineering jobs, more than 220 software developer jobs, and about 66 commercial and industrial designer jobs.”

GM is not alone among the multinationals, of course.  In 2018, U.S. businesses attempted to outsource to foreign workers nearly 420,000 jobs formerly held by Americans.

The H-1B program is a racket whereby big business, in cahoots with big government, pad their bottom lines with cheap foreign labor, at the expense of American workers. It is an area of legal immigration in sore need of reform.

By the way, CEO Wilson made his famous remark while being considered for the post of Secretary of Defense. The controversy over handing the nation’s defense to the head of one of its major contractors didn’t prevent his confirmation, and he served four years.  By the time President Eisenhower left office, however, even he was moved to warn against the rise of the  “military-industrial complex.” If only today’s leaders were capable of learning so well.










For more, see Breitbart.com.

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    • Desiree Ferris on February 4, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    This sucks….especially after yours truly “The American people” bailed your asses out!!!

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