What If Trump Deliberately Healed the Rift?

We reported yesterday about President Trump’s tweets suggesting to AOC (presumably) and her cohort “squad” (again, presumably) that if they don’t like America, they should go back to the “totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came.”

The Rift (Before the Tweets)

Since that tweetstorm, the Twittersphere has been exploding with hysterical shrieks of fury and despair, demands for impeachment, etc., and the Democrats have triumphantly announced that what had been a growing rift between Speaker Pelosi and AOC was now healed.

The Rift All Healed (After the Tweets)

So, Trump goofed? Or did he?

Rush Limbaugh proposed an interesting theory today. What if Trump deliberately healed the rift, preventing Pelosi and the establishment Dems from distancing themselves from a group that clearly is well outside American political norms? Rush published this on his website:

“Trump wants Pelosi and the Democrat leadership to adopt the socialism and communism of Cortez and her Squad and whoever else in her little movement is pushing it. That’s what Trump wants, ’cause that can’t lose. Trump cannot lose running against the Democrat Party, which is openly socialist, openly communist, led by young, aspiring anti-Americans. I don’t think he likes the rift. I think he wanted to mend the rift, he wanted ’em put back together again because he’s salivating running against the Democrat Party as a modern-day Communist Party or socialism party in America.

“So he tweets what he tweets, and the results were totally predictable. And now the Democrats claim that their rift has been healed. . . .Well, what if that’s exactly what Trump wanted with the unification being that Cortez and her Squad will now define what the Democrat Party is?”

Indeed, what if?

For more, see the Rush Limbaugh Show website.


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