Washington Post: Obama Has No “License to Tear Up the Constitution”

Even the pro-amnesty Washington Post has concerns about Obama’s impending mass amnesty edict.  An editorial Wednesday says Obama “should think twice” before deferring deportation for millions more illegals.  “Obstinate, hopelessly partisan and incapable of problem-solving, Congress is a mess.  But that doesn’t grant the president license to tear up the Constitution,” writes the editorial board of the liberal newspaper.

The editors note that Obama himself had earlier said acting on his own to grant amnesty would violate the law. “Mr. Obama now seems to be jettisoning that stance in the name of rallying his political base.”

Source: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/susan-jones/washington-post-obama-doesnt-have-license-tear-constitution

Posted 8/6/14 by Margaret Hull


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