Vermont Town to Let Foreigners Vote

Burlington City Hall

City councilors in Burlington, Vermont, have decided to “create a more inclusive and engaged community” by inviting foreigners to vote in city elections. The council voted 10-2 for a resolution by Councilman Adam Roof to let non-citizens have a say in how the city is run and who gets elected to office.

Roof said not allowing foreigners to vote and restricting ballot access to Americans is against what he called “Burlington’s values.” The resolution is part of the city’s “Diversity and Equity Strategic Plan” that the council adopted unanimously 5 years ago.

“The main goal of the city’s Diversity and Equity Strategic Plan from 2014 is to create a more inclusive and engaged community, which is critical because we know that broad participation in the democratic process strengthens the entirety of the community,” said Roof.

Immigrant Ranjan Bangari Lokappa, who is not a citizen, agreed. “Even though I am not a citizen, I live here and my opinion should be considered is what I believe,” he said.

Burlington is Vermont’s largest city.

According to Fox News, the measure still needs approval from the state Legislature before it becomes law.

For more, see Fox News.


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