U.S. Receives 11,814 Refugees in Fiscal Year 2020

The 2020 fiscal year ended September 30. According to the Refugee Processing Center (RPC) and as reported by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), a total of 11,814 refugees were resettled in the United States during that fiscal year.

Demonstrators Demanding More Refugees, Washington, DC, February 2017

Although refugee admissions were technically suspended on March 19 due to the Wuhan virus, refugees in smaller numbers continued to be admitted until the suspension was lifted on June 18. The RPC divides the total admissions into three parts:

Before Suspension: 7,380 refugees
During Suspension: 285 refugees
After Suspension: 4,149 refugees

Although nearly 12,000 new legal residents from the third world is in our estimation 12,000 too many, at least the total came significantly under the official ceiling of 18,000. As for fiscal year 2021, the administration has announced plans to admit 15,000 next year.

Should Joe Biden win the presidency, watch that number skyrocket. Nayla Rush of CIS estimates that the ceiling could rise seven-fold, up to 125,000.

The RPC website details the national origins and other facts about the 11,814 refugees admitted in 2020, but here are a couple of interesting lists;

Top-10 Sending Nationalities
Democratic Republic of the Congo 2,868 24.3 percent
Burma 2,115 17.9 percent
Ukraine 1,927 16.3 percent
Afghanistan 604 5.1 percent
Iraq 537 4.5 percent
Syria 481 4.1 percent
Eritrea 475 4.0 percent
El Salvador 365 3.1 percent
Moldova 364 3.1 percent
Sudan 254 2.1 percent

And here are the top ten receiving states:

Top-10 Placement States
California 1,194 10.1 percent
Washington 1,114 9.4 percent
Texas 896 7.6 percent
Michigan 493 4.2 percent
Kentucky 470 4.0 percent
North Carolina 469 4.0 percent
Pennsylvania 443 3.7 percent
Arizona 432 3.7 percent
Ohio 427 3.6 percent
Minnesota 386 3.3 percent

Turning your country into a vessel for holding the world’s excess is bad policy in the best of times. Doing so during a global pandemic that has infected 7.2 million and resulted in more than 200,000 deaths is madness. As Nayla Rush notes:

There is no indication that refugees are being tested for the Covid-19 virus overseas or placed under quarantine upon arrival in the United States. There are also many other medical concerns related to refugee placement. Refugees have specific health needs since they usually come from situations of poor hygienic conditions and health systems with a wide range of unmet health needs (including nutritional deficiencies, hepatitis B infection, tuberculosis infection, parasitosis, etc.) and mental health concerns such as alcohol and drug abuse. These health concerns can strain U.S. health and social systems, which are already overwhelmed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, that’s what we’ve got.

For more, see CIS and RPC.


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