U.S. Chamber Shows Its True Colors

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has traditionally positioned itself as a conservative-leaning organization. By the political color coding scheme in use by the American media today, that would make it red.  Yet, the colors being displayed these days by the venerable Chamber are increasingly blue, as blue as the 20-odd Democrat Congressmen they’re itching to support.

Most of us long ago realized that what’s good for General Motors–or fill-in-the-blank with your favorite quasi-monopoly–is not necessarily good for America. Big Business in America has become a neo-feudal oligarchy intent on reducing the American worker to a serf-like status, through the importation of millions of foreign workers and otherwise keeping the borders wide open.

Tom Donahue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO (Twitter)

Within the leadership of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a group that might be seen as part of the vanguard of this neo-feudal movement. And their cozying up to Democrats this election year has resulted in dissension within the organization.

As evidence, John Binder of Breitbart News yesterday pointed to an article on the Politico website entitled “Turmoil consumes Chamber of Commerce as it backs Democrats.”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce [he quotes] is poised to endorse nearly two dozen freshmen House Democrats for reelection, triggering a revolt within the right-leaning [sic] organization and drawing fierce pushback from the group’s powerful GOP donors.

This move to endorse Democrats over Republican challengers, according to Binder, is being spearheaded by the Chamber leadership, including President Suzanne Clark, Chief Executive Officer Tom Donahue, and Executive Vice President Neil Bradley. These bigwigs have clashed repeatedly with President Trump on issues from tariffs to immigration, and the resulting enmity appears to have encouraged the break from tradition that the large-scale endorsement of Democrats would represent.

Among those Democrat candidates up for Chamber support are more than 20 first-term Congressmen, including: Reps. Elaine Luria of Virginia, Andy Kim of New Jersey, Joe Cunningham of South Carolina, and Kendra Horn of Oklahoma, considered perhaps nationally the most vulnerable Democrat up for re-election.

The President of the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce (state Chambers are legally distinct from the national organization) Chad Warmington sent a letter to the U.S. leadership on Tuesday strongly opposing support for Horn:

I question how the U.S. Chamber could endorse a candidate who consistently voted against the largest industry in Oklahoma, employing over 90,000 workers throughout the state. That is hardly a pro-business record. I am also concerned the U.S. Chamber would endorse a congresswoman that voted in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats who are not pro-business nearly 90 percent of the time.

The left turn signaled by the U.S. Chamber leadership seems to have resulted from their conclusion that President Trump and his supporters are now populists–not conservatives–and are thus more dangerous to business interests than Democrats. Rank-and-file members meanwhile find it hard to believe that anyone could be more dangerous than modern-day Democrats.

To win the Chamber’s endorsement, elected officials are scored and must receive at least a 70 percent rating. State and local members are openly questioning whether the national organization is manipulating the scores and in effect “cooking the books” to help selected Democrats. In response, the leadership released a memo admitting that the scoring process had been altered this year, but insisting that that was to “better reflect Chamber priorities and emphasize support for members who — regardless of party — took concrete actions to demonstrate a commitment to governing.”

It should be noted that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce leadership represents a segment of the Big Business community that is related to but distinct from the high-tech oligarchy we are familiar. Most Silicon Valley types work through their own trade associations such as the Information Technology Industry Council, though, as Binder notes, those organizations frequently cooperate with the Chamber.

All in all, the move by the Chamber big shots is more evidence of a pronounced leftward tilt among the management of Big Business in America. Addressing the proposed endorsement of Representative Horn, Kevin Lynn, of U.S. Tech Workers, said:

By backing her, the Chamber is saying, “We’ve got to make sure the populists don’t get a bigger toehold in the Congress.” They recognize that a big part of the populist agenda is the preservation of the nation-state and restricting immigration. The Chamber’s [executives] are neoliberals to the core – and they support the unrestricted movement of people and profit across the borders.

For more, see Breitbart News.

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