Trump to Take Aim at Birth Tourism

The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that around 33,000 babies are born in the United States to legal foreign visitors on visitor visas every year. Looking at all births to “non-immigrant” residents–including illegal aliens, foreign workers on temporary visas, as well as foreign nationals on visitor visas–Breitbart News’ estimates that nearly 400,000 such “anchor babies” are born every year in the U.S. Because of our “birthright citizenship” policy, each of those babies is automatically deemed a U.S. citizen. As a consequence, it is estimated that there are at least 4.5 million anchor babies in the U.S. under 18-years-old.

This makes for a very attractive scam for enterprising defrauders and has given rise to the cottage industry of “birth tourism.” In September, we reported on arrests of a birth tourism gang in California. That particular scam resulted in the births of at least 8,500 new American citizens, all from China.

Now Axios is reporting that the Trump administration is seeking ways to crack down on the scam. Authorities are focusing on a change to the regulations governing tourist visas that would give “State Department officials the authority to deny foreigners the short-term business and tourism visas if they believe the process is being used to facilitate automatic citizenship.” One official explained, “[Consular officers] are remarkably skilled at sussing out true versus false claims.” Officials expect that a similar rule change will go out to Customs and Border Protection officers who intercept migrants at the border.

As with all Administration attempts to curb illegal immigration, the new rules are expected to be met with litigation, but officials believe they will prevail in the courts.

For more, see the Axios website.



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