“Trump Has Already Won the Immigration Debate”

That’s the title of a column dated July 2 by regular Spectator columnist David Catron. The subtitle gets specific: “The Democrats abandoned the field to the president last week.”

Catron is referring to the Dems’ debates of last Wednesday and Thursday, particularly the latter, when that night’s entire field were asked to affirm that undocumented immigrants would be covered by their respective health care plans. As Catron says, they all “reached for the sky, thus surrendering the field to President Trump on the issue that got him elected in 2016.”

He goes on to point out that a recent Rasmussen poll shows that 55 percent of likely voters oppose taxpayer-paid healthcare benefits to illegals, while only 31 percent support it. Moreover, employment is up sharply all around, including among Hispanic voters, always a plus for incumbents, and working, taxpaying voters are sensitive to programs subject to put a dent into their paychecks.

Healthcare for illegals is subject to make a very large dent. American taxpayers already pay $18.5 million for such care, and who knows what the Democrats’ proposals will cost.

Catron concludes his comments with the following: “[T]he Democrats are for open borders…. a sure loser. Immigration is the most important issue for a majority of voters, and the Democrats have abandoned the field to President Trump. It will cost them the election.”

For more, see the Spectator.



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