Feb 02

Trump Expands “Wait-in-Mexico” Program

A few days ago we reported on the new “Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP)” program being implemented by the Trump administration at the San Ysidro port of entry in San Diego. Known informally as “wait-in-Mexico,” MPP requires that asylum seekers whose cases are being heard in a U.S. court be transported daily back to Mexico as their cases go forward. The intent is to avoid the recurrent problem that illegal aliens simply disappear in America once they make landfall.

Since the program began in the past week, about twelve asylum seekers have been returned to Mexico after initial screening.

The Department of Homeland Security is now considering expanding the program to other ports of entry and have identified El Paso as the POE next on their list.

Since the cooperation of the government of Mexico is necessary for MPP to succeed, the issue has become somewhat difficult for the leftist López Obrador administration to finesse. Although Mexico City has warned it will not agree to expanding the program outside San Ysidro, U.S. officials are confident that they can reach an agreement.

For more, see the Washington Post.

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