Trump Announces New Policy of Expedited Deportation

The Trump administration today announced changes to its policy of the “expedited deportation” of  illegal aliens. Currently, an illegal can be immediately deported, without judicial review (1) if  he is apprehended within 100 miles of the border,  (2) if he arrived here by land, and (3) if he has been in this country no longer than two weeks. (Illegals who arrived by sea, to avoid expedited deporting, must have been here more than two years.)

Under the provisions of the new policy, an illegal can be immediately deported if located anywhere in the U.S. and if he has been here less than two years.

The actual order, which will be officially published Tuesday, says in part:

[T]he New Designation will enable DHS to address more effectively and efficiently the large volume of aliens who are present in the United States unlawfully, without having been admitted or paroled into the United States, and ensure the prompt removal from the United States of those not entitled to enter, remain, or be provided relief or protection from removal.

As the document says, the number of such aliens is indeed a “large volume.” The backlog of cases in America’s immigration courts is approaching one million. The  Migration Policy Institute estimates that 297,000 unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. could be affected by the new policy.

As expected, pro-illegal-immigrant groups immediately attacked the announcement.  The ACLU, for example, declared, “The current policy is already unconstitutional in our view. This expansion will only increase the illegality.” It has promised to sue.

For more, see the Los Angeles Times. For the text of the announcement, see the Federal Register.


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