Trump: America a Country, Not an “Idea”

On an October 21 podcast, Democrat candidate for president Joe Biden voiced an all-too-familiar expression from the post-modernist, anti-American Left: “America is an idea, an idea.” Just so we’d get the message, he then tweeted it, getting in the inevitable sanctimonious slam of our history.

We’ve been hearing that claptrap for decades. It’s the contemporary Left’s way of literally opening our country’s doors and summoning the world to come and make over an America they despise. While the elites and their thuggish minions work from within to tear down America’s past, both literally and figuratively, they invite the world’s excess to overwhelm our borders so as to remake her present and change irrevocably her future.

For the time being, Joe Biden is their titular spokesman.

At a rally on October 25 in New Hampshire, President Trump responded to Biden:

No. America is a great country. That’s what it is. It’s a great country. And you can’t have a great country unless you have borders. We stand on the shoulders of American heroes who crossed the oceans, settled the continent, tamed the wilderness, laid down the railroads, raised up the skyscrapers, won two world wars, defeated fascism and communism, and made America the single greatest nation in the history of the world.

For more, see Fox News.


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