Time to Say Goodbye, America? Ann Coulter’s New Book

Time to Say Goodbye, America?

Book Review: Adios, America, by Ann Coulter

Regnery Publishing, 392 pages, $27.99

By AIC Foundation Staff

If you read only one book between now and the November 2016 election, it should be Ann Coulter’s “Adios, America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hell Hole.”  It has, like her other books, already soared onto the New York Times bestseller list, and with good reason.  With wit and extensive documentation Coulter demolishes the myth that modern immigration is a source of strength for America.  On the contrary, the mass immigration and virtually open borders inflicted on the U.S. since passage of Sen. Ted Kennedy’s Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 are changing America for the worse through crime, overcrowding, urban decay, government corruption and environmental degradation.

Under the pre-1965 immigration system, more than 70 percent of America’s immigrants came from just three countries, Britain, Germany, and Ireland, who had historically provided the ethnic basis for the U.S. population based on a restricted quota system.  But Kennedy’s 1965 immigration law revolutionized and overturned this historic pattern and abolished the national quota system.  The result has been the greatest, longest-lasting immigration wave in the nation’s history by using family reunification and business demands for cheap labor as the basis for new admissions. The new, post-1965 immigration wave brought millions not from Europe, but from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Mexico.

Coulter argues that immigration today is the single most important issue facing Americans, and that if it isn’t brought under control, well, you can say “Adios!” to the American identity itself.  “Despite a hegemonic propaganda campaign about all cultures being equal, they aren’t. Americans are utterly unprepared for the cultures being imposed on them” by immigration, she writes.  That’s because in today’s political environment, immigrants who are mostly from Third World, non-Western countries, are no longer expected or required to become Americanized, but instead are encouraged to cultivate hostility, resentment, and make demands for special favors from the host population.  That includes, welfare, jobs, housing, education, and even translating and interpreting services, all at great cost to citizen taxpayers.

“[O]ur post-1965 immigration policy is creating an America more like the rest of the world. … This is where numbers make a difference.  We’re not changing the immigrants.  They are changing us.”

The numbers of immigrants, both legal and illegal, are overwhelming. Coulter shows convincingly that the real number of illegal aliens in the U.S. is closer to 30 million, not the usually cited estimate of 11 million.  The latter number was first promoted by the Pew Hispanic Center way back in March 2005 based on Census Bureau counts.  Yet 10 years later, Americans are still being told the number of illegals in the U.S. is only 11 million. That’s possible only if there were no illegal immigration in the last decade!

Right now, America has taken in more than one-fourth of the entire population of Mexico.  There are more Hispanics in California than there are people in 46 of the other states combined.  To approximate the number of Mexicans alone who have come to the U.S. since 1970, we would have to import the entire populations of Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Ireland.  The Third World composition of today’s immigrants is strikingly illustrated by the fact that we take more immigrants from Thailand than from Ireland, Austria, and New Zealand combined.

But this expanding growth in population has not been a boon for the economy.  That’s because 71 percent of illegal alien households receive some form of government assistance. And legal immigrants, on average, receive about $4,000 more in government services than they pay in taxes. In addition, working immigrants, especially Mexicans, send home $20 billion each year to relatives back home, siphoning away from the U.S. valuable consumer spending.

The effect of uncontrolled immigration on our natural resources is appalling, Coulter writes.  Of the 77 human-caused fires on federal or tribal land in Arizona between 2006 and 2010, a cause was determined in 60 of them by the Government Accountability Office.  Fully half of those acre-destroying fires were caused by illegal aliens.   And Mexican drug cartels are routinely setting up marijuana-growing fields in our national parks.   The immigrants “scar the landscape by crudely terracing hillsides that erode under winter rain.  They spill pesticides, fertilizer and diesel fuel… They damn creeks for water sources, plant salsa gardens, disfigure trees and leave behind tons of garbage, human waste, and litter.”  Coulter quotes a Forest Service agent who notes, “Ninety to 95 percent of the marijuana in California is now grown by Mexican nationals who work for the drug cartels.”

But in terms of quality of life, far worse than the drain on the economy or even the environment is the immigrant crime wave sweeping the U.S.  Sixty-six percent of the criminal aliens imprisoned in the U.S. in 2009 were Mexican.  In federal prisons, 68 percent of criminal aliens were Mexican, and nearly 90 percent were from  Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.  Coulter finds that although Hispanics are roughly only one-fourth the size of the white population, they commit 90 percent as many assaults as whites, and 84 percent as many murders. In 2010, 1,258 of every 100,000 Hispanic males were in prison compared to just 459 of every 100,000 white males.

Coulter makes her most powerful indictment in one of the longest sections of the book, this time against the corporate news media.  In an extensive recounting of some of the most ghastly crimes ever reported in the U.S., Coulter shows that Americans are kept unaware of the horrific crime rate among the millions of  poorly educated and impoverished Third World immigrants by a pro-immigration news media that deliberately hides the national origin of many criminal perpetrators.  And under the Obama administration, aliens convicted of crimes are routinely released into the general U.S. population after serving their sentences instead of being deported.  In 2013 alone, Obama’s immigration authorities released 36,007 convicted criminal aliens into American neighborhoods.

It is very gratifying to see a successful author and famous political pundit such as Ann Coulter confirm what those of us in the immigration control movement have been warning Americans about.  Through her books, newspaper columns, and television appearances, Coulter is building on the themes and messages for which  we here at AIC Foundation have been laying the groundwork through our own publications and advertisements in various media for years. Coulter has even displayed the good sense to identify the primary motivations of the politicians and party operatives who are responsible for the mass immigration now engulfing America.  On the one hand, the Democrats see an electoral bonanza in the importation of poor and uneducated populations who will likely vote for the party’s politicians who promise them government benefits; and on the other hand the Republicans’ major business donors salivate at the prospect of millions of new workers to flood the labor market and keep wages low to improve corporate profits.

That is a dangerous combination that has drowned out the voice of the American people.  As AIC Foundation and Coulter have both pointed out, no one ever asked the American voters if they wanted to inundate their schools, roads, hospitals and neighborhoods with millions of low-skilled, poorly educated non-Western foreign populations.

But with luck, perhaps enough Americans will hear the alarm bells that AIC Foundation and Ann Coulter are ringing, and put a stop to the dangerous path our nation’s politicians are pushing America along.  Buy this book, read it, and buy more for your friends and family to read, too.  Then perhaps we won’t need to say “Adios” to America after all.






  1. The most important book of the year, if not the decade.
    Coulter’s book is filled with so many facts (all foot-noted), only her provocative wit could make it such an entertaining read.
    My key political take-away as we enter the 2016 presidential season: Romney would have lost in 2012 even if he had won an impossible 71% of the Hispanic vote; he would have won if he had gained just 4% more of the white vote.


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