Thomas Sowell: ‘Resentment’ of America Behind Obama Amnesty

Thomas Sowell, one of the nation’s leading conservative economists and social philosophers, recently gave an interview that included his views on immigration and Obama’s executive amnesty. Here are excerpts:

“…there is no immigration policy because people can cross the border at will. And the reason is that so many politicians are afraid of the Hispanic vote. Of course, the more amnesty you give, the larger that vote will be, and the less control of the borders you will have in the future.”

[The interviewer then asked Dr. Sowell “Now, with President Obama’s recent executive order on illegal immigration, effectively legalizing possibly up to 5 million of them, is he trying to expand the base of the Democratic Party?”] Professor Sowell responded in part:

“It’s that, but I think it’s also more fundamental than that. I think he believes that the world is unfair and those who are more fortunate are just lucky–you know, ‘You didn’t build that’–and that his role, as he said to Joe the Plumber, is to spread the wealth around. And so he is letting people into this country so they can partake in the wealth that the existing American population has created. I think his response to the Ebola crisis was typical, sending our troops over there. He doesn’t view his role as protecting the American people from this disease. I think this is a man who has enormous resentments toward this country, especially towards those people who have flourished and prospered here.”

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Posted 1/22/15 by Andrew Lewis



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