They’re Illegal Aliens, Not Citizens

The Quote Below: More Misinformation from the Media

For those not trapped in detention, many are on the front lines working essential jobs. . . . We have the power to create a system where all of us are afforded basic human rights. We saw a glimpse of that power with the Supreme Court Decision in favor of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. . . . It was a monumental feat of organizing by the immigrant community. . . .

If we want to ensure immigrants are offered the full breadth of human rights and no longer remain pawns in a political game, we must pass an immigration plan that creates an accessible, equitable road map to full citizenship.

The first step is to reimagine what safety for all of us looks like. That means ending family separation and reuniting those who have been torn apart by deportation. It also requires us to reverse provisions of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Responsibility Act that strip due process and criminalize immigrants. We need to keep enforcement agencies out of schools, courtrooms and places of worship. . . .

True safety goes beyond dismantling violent immigration enforcement. It also requires that we create the conditions where immigrant communities can thrive. That includes equitable access to health care, higher education and affordable housing, and access to benefits that they are already paying for through taxes. . . .

Seventy-five percent of Americans across the political spectrum believe that immigration is good for the United States. . . . So not only do we have a moral obligation to treat people who have migrated with dignity, but we have the political and electoral power to do so. – Many Immigrants Live in Fear, Lack Basic Rights: We Have the Power to Change the System, USA Today, Mireya Reith and Lawrence Benito, 8/12/20. [Link]

Fact Check of Quote Above:  Through most of this piece the authors seem intent on shading the real identity of the “immigrants” to whom they refer. Those “immigrants” are in fact illegal aliens, i.e., foreigners who break our laws to settle and live here. Legal immigrants, unlike these “immigrants” are not in danger of deportation if they continue to obey our laws.

So why should illegal aliens be allowed to take American jobs, in violation of our employment law? It’s no justification to say that the jobs are essential. With so many Americans out of work there is plenty of native talent available to do the work.

Why do illegal aliens have a “human right” to health care, higher education, and affordable housing? The taxes they pay wouldn’t come close to providing these benefits. Would the authors acknowledge that American citizens a right to deny such demands? It is hardly self-evident that illegal aliens have the right to become citizens. Should the prize of our citizenship become a reward for lawlessness?

American lawbreakers aren’t exempted from arrest in schools, courtrooms and places of worship, and we make no effort to allay their fear of law enforcement. Why should illegal aliens have these privileges? When American lawbreakers are arrested and later sentenced, they are separated from their families. Why should illegal aliens be exempt from this consequence?

The authors try to justify their claims by citing a poll that says that most Americans believe that immigration is beneficial. Here again they are up to their trick of trying to conflate legal immigration (which can be beneficial within reasonable limits) and illegal migration which makes a mockery of our rule of law.

The worst thing these authors do, however, is suggesting so strongly that there is no real distinction between American citizens and foreigners, legal or illegal. This diminishes the significance of American citizenship, our laws, and our national sovereignty. Those who push this position are subversives and anti-Americans.


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