The Radical Left Doesn’t Care about Workers

The [Center for Immigration Studies] blog, titled ‘immigration policy is being used to pink-slip American workers,” focused on the H-1B visa program for high-skilled workers. But it played into a much broader, longstanding narrative that claims immigrants take jobs that would otherwise go to U.S. citizens.

In fact, the anti-immigrant movement seems to oppose all types of immigration equally—whether it’s through a temporary H-1B visa, family sponsorship, or unauthorized—because it contributes to a demographic shift away from a white majority. That rationale is transparently racist, so it won’t work to inspire mainstream opposition to immigration. But scapegoating immigrants for our economic troubles? That works. Three Reasons CIS is Wrong about Jobs, Imagine 2050, 11/18/15.

Fact Check: It is quite plain that mass immigration is depressing wages and taking jobs from working Americans. A large share of new job growth goes to immigrants, and poor citizens feel the greatest negative impact from immigration. Middle-class Americans also feel the pinch from H-1B visa competition.

It’s interesting that a radical left-wing radicals like those at Imagine 2050 strongly endorse the propaganda of the business interests that promote immigration in order to profit from cheap labor. They both claim that immigrants are outstanding entrepreneurs who create far more jobs than they take. Actually, immigrants are not more entrepreneurial than Americans. Another claim is that they only take jobs that Americans are not doing. This idea is long on theory and short on empirical proof.

So, one might wonder why leftists, supposedly the defender of workers, would go along with the business interests. The reality is that these radicals really don’t care about workers and poor people. In fact, the worse off they are, the more useful they are to the left as voting blocs and a force to destabilize society. Radicals promote destabilization in order to seize power and consolidate it.

To hide their strategy, they typically play “the race card,” i.e., allege that any opposition to mass immigration is motivated by “racism.” This charge in turn conceals their own racial animus, which they commonly express toward white Americans, one being the malicious claim all whites have a “privilege” which they use to hold every other group down. Also, as the left promotes immigration, it has no problems working with Hispanic supremacist groups such as the National Council of La Raza (the Race).

These organizations don’t believe that America’s immigration laws should apply to their kindred, as they seek to use illegal immigration and amnesty to build the political clout of “La Raza.” The wealthy Hispanics who lead these organizations want power for themselves, and they care little about the cost of mass immigration to working class Hispanics. Indeed, they are more easily manipulated by these elites if they remain poor and unassimilated.

As all this goes on, the leftists promote themselves as compassionate humanitarians, and the “La Raza” types proclaim themselves as “civil rights” advocates. Nothing could be further from the truth.


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