The Observer Publishes a Hit Piece

The Quote Below: More Misinformation from the Media

“The Foundation for the Carolinas is well known for supporting civic projects across the Charlotte area: It has worked to improve economic opportunity and handed out grants to area nonprofits, including some that support asylum-seekers and refugees.

“Yet millions of dollars managed by the foundation have also bankrolled a network of anti-immigration groups, which are now drawing increased scrutiny as their proposals gain traction in the White House.

“A Charlotte council on economic inequality, whose leaders include a number of prominent city officials, has urged the foundation to stop funding such groups.

“So have some national organizations. America’s Voice, an immigration advocacy group, has demanded that the foundation stop handing over money to those organizations. In an August letter, it argued that the foundation is funding groups that are “fueling violence” and “undermining the fabric of American communities.”

“This is an otherwise reputable organization that’s helping to legitimize a nativist movement,” Frank Sharry, the CEO of the immigration advocacy group and the author of the letter, said in an interview.“ . . . They’re financing a hateful agenda that’s leading to terror.

“Between 2006 and 2017, the foundation funneled more than $20.4 million in donor-advised gifts to at least nine organizations that campaign for limits on immigration. . . . About 85 percent of that money went to NumbersUSA, CIS and FAIR. . . . Two of the three organizations, CIS and FAIR, have been designated as “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. . . .

“I don’t see any of these organizations helping people in need,” said Andres Lopez, a Charlotte lawyer who argued a case used by [Jeff] Sessions to limit grounds for asylum. “I see them as destroying the lives of people in need.” – Foundation for the Carolinas Under Scrutiny Over Grants to Anti-Immigration Groups, Teo Arumis and Ames Alexander, Charlotte Observer, 11/20/19 [Link]

Fact Check of Quote Above: This article is a “hit piece” against the immigration restriction organizations it mentions. The obvious purpose is to discourage the Foundation of the Carolinas from granting them any more money. The strategy is to use the accusations of disreputable individuals and groups to make those organizations appear disreputable.

NumbersUSA, CIS and FAIR are honorable and legitimate organizations that offer reasonable arguments for the enforcement of immigration laws and the need to reduce legal immigration. The content of their websites and publications are proof of their good character. The charge that they “fuel violence” and undermine communities” is malicious and totally false.

The source of these charges is the misnamed America’s Voice, an organization that consistently denounces all effective steps and policies to curtail illegal immigration. In doing so it undermines our rule of law, thereby creating a climate of lawlessness which facilitates violence. As for undermining the fabric of communities, few things today are doing a better job of that than the divisive diversity brought about mass immigration, legal and illegal.

Most significant about America’s Voice is that it receives substantial funding from the Open Society Institute of George Soros, the multi-billionaire currency speculator who promotes unrestricted mass immigration as a means to advance his vision of a borderless world. Just how can a voice be American which works to weaken American sovereignty?

The Observer repeats the claim of the scandal-ridden Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that FAIR and CIS are “hate groups” as if the SPLC were a legitimate source of information. This charge is patently dishonest. In the popular mind, the term “hate group” suggests a violent organization which engages in criminal acts. Both FAIR and CIS are completely law-abiding and—once again—one would be hard-pressed to find anything genuinely hateful in their writings and broadcasts.

The SPLC is a radical-left organization that adheres to the neo-communist ideology popularly known as political correctness. In keeping with that doctrine, it commonly employs name-calling and other forms of character assassination against its opponents. The SPLC’s dishonesty is evident in the fact that while it labels nonviolent organizations as hate groups, it refuses to apply this designation to violent communist gangs that call themselves Antifa.

As revealed in William Hawkins’ book Importing Revolution, the radical-left promotes mass immigration and the subversion of immigration law as a means to destabilize American society, and thereby pave the way for left-wing revolution. If any agenda is hateful, this is surely one.

The charge that restrictionist groups don’t help people in need is false. One outstanding example is that restriction safeguards jobs for disadvantaged American workers and helps to ensure that they will receive decent wages for their work.

It is truly sad that many in the “mainstream media” ally themselves with radicals and seek to stifle voices that offer reasonable proposals to control immigration. This is one reason why increasing numbers of Americans are losing respect for that media, and no longer believe what they print and broadcast.



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