The American Bar Association’s Immigration Hypocrisy

The 400,000-member American Bar Association is a powerful special interest working to advance the interests of lawyers, often posing as an advocate of “social justice” and trendy liberal causes of the day.  An article by Ian Smith posted June 6 on FrontPage exposes the hypocrisy of the ABA in lobbying for amnesty and increased H-1B visas.

“State bar associations, along with the American Bar Association (ABA), the national regulator, are intensely protectionist. This is understandable, given the current economic pain in the industry. Over the last few years, state bar associations have increasingly tightened up the admission standards for foreign law degree-holders.”

Author Smith explains many of the steps the ABA has taken in recent years to attempt to restrict the number of lawyers, then notes how this cartel-like protectionist policy …”contradicts the ABA’s position in other sectors of the labor market, which is seen most clearly by their very vocal support for amnesty for illegal immigrants and increased immigration in general.”  The ABA has set up “immigrant rights” commissions and programs to provide free legal services to illegals. No commissions or programs to help unemployed Americans displaced by millions of foreign workers, of course.

He explains the increasing development of “legal outsourcing” – sending routine back-office legal work to India where the wages are 10% of U.S. lawyers- then wryly concludes: “Some observers rightly point out that lawyers (like journalists and politicians) are more favorable to immigration because their jobs are naturally insulated from foreign competition. But if legal outsourcing really began to gain momentum, perhaps the ABA elites would begin to feel the pinch that unprotected American workers have felt for decades.”


Posted 6/7/14 by Margaret Hull


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