Supreme Court Rejects Rehearing on Obama Amnesty

The U.S Supreme Court on Monday refused the Obama administration’s request for a rehearing of the case brought by 26 states challenging the legality of Obama’s 2014 amnesty plan, on which the justices had deadlocked 4-4.  This action leaves in place a lower court injunction preventing Obama from implementing his executive amnesty plan to give millions of illegal aliens work permits, Social Security numbers, and other benefits.

Immigrant rights groups howled in protest, and said they would work to defeat Donald Trump and elect Democrats they hope will ensure a more liberal court when the issue returns to the high court.  The White House said Obama was “disappointed,” but would continue with the rest of his immigration policies. Spokesman Josh Earnest said the court ruling does not affect the Obama enforcement priorities imposed on immigration agents which effectively leave more than 9 million illegal immigrants out of any danger of being deported.

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