Supremacist Ramos Reveals Himself

The Quote Below—More Misinformation from the Media

It’s no surprise that the end of the racist, anti-immigrant Trump administration would once again make the United States an attractive destination for migrants, particularly considering the challenges many face at home.. . . .

After the pandemic and the horrors of the Trump era, the United States must return to its historic tradition of receiving foreigners. Doing so will help the country emerge from its economic crisis. Immigrants work the toughest jobs, create employment opportunities for others and give back to their communities. Undocumented immigrants contribute more than $11 billion a year in state and local taxes. Immigrants are an essential part of our multiethnic, multicultural society. . . .

The incoming administration has already sent the message that it will be much more welcoming to immigrants — and not only those seeking to enter the United States, but also those who are already here. The administration has a long list of promises to fulfill in its first 100 days, from legalizing America’s approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants and protecting Dreamers to granting temporary protected status to the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans living in the United States who escaped Nicolás Maduro’s regime. . . .

Mr. Biden shouldn’t build walls or separate immigrant families or bar migrants from Muslim-majority countries, as Mr. Trump has. Good leaders are defined by how they treat the most vulnerable in their charge, not the wealthiest or most powerful. And immigrants are, by far, the most vulnerable. . . .

That’s the United States I recognize and admire, the one that allowed me to become a citizen — and the one that almost disappeared during the Trump administration. Now what I want above all else is for the immigrants who come after me to have the same opportunities and freedoms I’ve had. — More Immigrants Will Come to the U.S. under President Biden. That’s a Good Thing, Jorge Ramos, The New York Times, 1/8/21 [Link]

Fact Check of Quote Above: When someone like Univision anchor Jorge Ramos uses the word “racist,” it’s a good idea to consider the source. As he revealed himself in his book, The Latino Wave, Ramos is a Latino supremacist. In that book he finds it outrageous that Latino illegal aliens should have to obey U.S. immigration laws. He urges Latinos to avoid assimilation and think of themselves as monolithic political bloc.

In the article above, he endorses amnesty to the 11 million illegal now estimated to live in the U.S. He doesn’t seem to consider or care what rewarding lawbreakers with citizenship would do to devalue the worth and significance of our citizenship. Nor does he note that this reward is likely to encourage more illegal immigration. Is a huge surge of new job seekers really what we need at a time when 18 million Americans are out of work? Such concerns of national interest probably probably don’t register on a man whose primary interest is political clout for La Raza. Ramos, a native of Mexico, is a naturalized citizen. But a better term to describe him is CINO (citizen in name only).

He claims that “immigrants” are necessary to “work the toughest jobs.” If he’s claiming that they are the majority of workers in most of those jobs, he is wrong. In almost every occupation, native-born citizens are the majority of workers. His statement that illegal aliens pay $11 billion in taxes is misleading and meaningless because it does not compare that total of taxes with what they get in benefits. A study by the Heritage Foundation found that benefits received by illegal alien households exceed the taxes they pay by an average of $14,387 per year.

Though Ramos is a Latino supremacist, his advocacy doesn’t help average working-class Latinos in the U.S. An endless flood of foreign labor retards their economic advancement and assimilation. But that’s no problem for Ramos and the wealthy and powerful supremacists like him. Poor and alienated people are easy to manipulate for political gain. That’s what Latino supremacy is really all about.


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