Spending Bill Has ‘Landmines’

The budget spending bill that President Trump is expected to sign has serious “landmines,” says Mark Krikorian who heads the Center for Immigration Studies. He maintains that these flaws will hinder fencing on the border and prevent deportation of many illegal aliens.

Under the act, new fencing can only be built on the Texas-Mexican border and only if local elected officials will allow the construction. The local governments on the Texas border are heavily Democratic, and are therefore unlikely to provide authorization.

The bill also restricts deportation of illegal aliens in the U.S. who claim to have a “sponsor” relationship with children who come across the border illegally. Along with shielding a large group of illegal aliens from removal, this measure will encourage those “sponsors” to pay smugglers to bring in more children.

These provisions seemingly would undermine what the president is trying to accomplish with his emergency proclamation.

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