South Asian Migrants Found Wandering in Southern Mexico

While conducting security patrols on the Nuevo Teapa-Cosoleacaque  highway in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz, federal Mexican police have come across 65 migrants from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India, wandering lost and confused.

Map showing Coatzacoalcos River in southern Mexico

The group, which had the U.S. border as their destination, were strung out along the highway, after apparently having traveled by boat down the Coatzacoalcos River, which flows north to the Gulf of Mexico.  After running out of supplies and becoming disoriented, the migrants at some point had left the river and continued their journey along the highway. When encountered, they were described as “severely dehydrated and starving.”

Mexican authorities provided the migrants with medical assistance, food, and water and conducted interviews.  The group said they had started out in April, when they first flew to Qatar, then to Turkey, and then to Colombia. At that point, they began their trek, apparently on foot, through  Ecuador, Panama, and Guatemala before reaching Mexico.

The migrants were transferred to a migratory center in nearby Acayucan, where their nationalities will be determined and they will be returned to their home countries.

For more, see Deutsche Welle.


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