Soros Glossary Pushes Word Manipulation

The term “illegal migrant” should never be used. As any other person, migrants are not “illegal.” They are in an “irregular” situation or “undocumented”. The term “illegal” is not accurate; it is misleading, contributes to negative stereotyping and criminalizes migrants. Irregular entry and stay are administrative offenses, not criminal offenses. – Media Friendly Glossary on Migration.

Fact Check: This “glossary” is the product of George Soros’ Opens Society Foundations. The multi-billionaire Soros funnels money through these foundations to weaken American sovereignty by promoting open borders and other globalist agendas. The glossary is being sent to the media to persuade them not to describe illegal aliens as Illegal, and use other terms such as the thoroughly dishonest term “undocumented.” Its use would have us believe that their lack of legal documents has nothing to with their being here illegally.

Obviously Glossary’s authors intend to change public perceptions with the manipulation of language. The goal is to make us believe that it is no big deal when foreigners violate our immigration laws and disrespect our national sovereignty. Indeed, these manipulators seek to shift censure away from foreign lawbreakers to those who object by depicting the latter as bigots who practice “negative stereotyping.”

Also, the Glossary aims to strengthen the claim increasingly used by illegal alien advocates that illegal residence in the U.S. is not a crime, but an “administrative offense” (whatever that is). This claim simply isn’t true.

As Mike Nicely, writing for the Center for Immigration Studies observes, “Federal [law] (8 USC 1325) outlines the elements of illegal entry and establishes penalties for the crime. A first offense may be charged as a misdemeanor and the violator is subject to a fine and imprisonment for not more than six months. Subsequent violations may be charged as a felony with the violator exposed to a fine and imprisonment for not more than two years.”

Evidently, illegal alien advocates don’t regard misdemeanor violations (for a first offense) as a significant law violation, even though it carries a penalty of up to six months imprisonment. Another point to keep in mind is that illegal aliens residing in the U.S. for any length of time use fraudulent documents to obtain jobs and social benefits. Such use is a felony offense.

Soros and those who share his agenda don’t care about the immigration laws that uphold and safeguard our national sovereignty. The reason, it would seem is that they don’t think our nationhood and sovereignty are significant.


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