Sessions Demands Vote to Defund Amnesty Edicts

Courageous Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) exposed the hypocrisy of most of his Senate colleagues in the Democratic Party on Friday by demanding a vote on  the House-passed bill that would defund any Obama amnesty edict program. Sessions made note of the Politico report that morning detailing that Senate Democrats support Obama’s planned mass amnesty edict, but want him to delay it until after the November elections: “The only thing that is more shocking than Senate Democrats’ support for the President’s planned executive amnesty is the cravenness of asking him to proceed beginning the day after the midterms.”

Sessions continued:”Just today, the President reiterated his commitment to implement an executive amnesty that would include work authorization for millions of people who entered illegally or illegally overstayed a visa — allowing them to compete for any job in America. His planned action would also reportedly include a massive boost to the already-huge supply of low-wage labor brought into the U.S. for large corporations.”

Sessions said the immigration debate boils down to three central questions:

  1. “Does our country have the right to control its borders and decide who comes to live and work here?”
  2. “Do citizens have the right to expect and demand that the laws passed by their elected representatives will be enforced?”
  3. “Should American workers get priority for jobs and wages?”

He then argued that every Senator that answered “Yes” to the 3 questions must vote for the House-passed bill to block Obama’s amnesty edict.


Posted 9/6/14 by Andrew Lewis


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