Senate Republicans Try to Abolish Green Card Cap

Immigration Voice with their champion, Mike Lee (R-Utah)

Neil Munro reported in Breitbart News on July 3 that Utah Senator Mike Lee, a Republican, is attempting to push through, without debate, a bill that would effectively abolish the yearly cap on green cards awards. Lee’s bill, S.386–grandly named the “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act”–would provide for one million additional green cards–the vast majority to be awarded to recent high tech Indian graduates already in this country–over the next decade.

According to Munro, this would enable the Indian graduates to “take many prestigious college-graduate jobs sought by younger American graduates, to force down the Americans’ salaries, and to create yet more economic problems for the disadvantaged Millennial generation.”

Lee is employing a Senate strategy called “Unanimous Consent,” which enables senators to quietly support a bill without actually having to vote on it.  The expectation is that, once the Senate bill is passed, the House will push through an identical bill of its own.

The scheme appeared to be working as planned until June 27, when Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) put a hold on it.

Paul’s action then brought out the long knives of the bill’s major backer, a contract workers’ organization called Immigration Voice, whose efforts are spearheaded by a former Congressional-staffer-turned-lobbyist named Leon Fresco. Fresco is an immigration lawyer who formerly worked for Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer on the notorious “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill of 2013.

On a conference call with Immigration Voice on June 30, Fresco outlined the tactic he plans to use against Paul and anyone else who might oppose the giveaway scheme. The tactic is a familiar one: Cry racism!

“All of our opponents [Fresco said] can be lumped into one of two categories, very simple. Either you are an ethno-racist … Or you are what I would call a for-profit racist, meaning, ‘I have figured out a way to make money from the racist system, and if this racist system goes away, I’m not going to make money anymore.’”

Fresco bragged to the group of his earlier success with applying political pressure from Indian groups on Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) to support his scheme.  With Grassley, he said, “Immigration Voice was very, very persuasive — just like we are planning to be with Sen. Paul….[A]nybody who tries to get in our way is now in the middle of a moving freight train … We will not be stopped, the concerns of racists and for-profit racists will fall by the wayside.”

This claim, according to Munro, is being made “on behalf of Indian graduates whose homeland society is rigidly divided by an extreme caste system set 4,000 years ago.”

This is the political landscape to which our country has devolved: ethnic special interest groups using specious charges of racism to twist the arms of weak-willed politicians to get their way.

You can watch Mike Lee’s speech to the Senate defending his scheme on Lee’s Facebook page.

You can read  Neil Munro’s eye-opening full report at Breitbart News.


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