Schumer and Fellow Gangsters Plot Deception

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), a leading member of the Senate pro-amnesty “Gang of Eight,” made the following pitch to NBC News to promote the amnesty legislation that he and the other members have drafted: “First, people will be legalized . . . Then we will make sure the border is secure . . . . I think most of the American people will agree with that.

Fact Check: In reality, most Americans don’t believe promises from Schumer and other politicians that the border would be secured after passage of amnesty. According to a recent Rasmussen Poll, 53 percent said it was unlikely that promises would be kept to control the border. Only 38 percent believed that it would happen.

The skepticism of more than half the people is quite justified, especially in light of what happened after passage of the first and largest amnesty of illegal aliens in 1986. That legislation specifically was a deal: legal status and a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens in exchange for effective immigration law enforcement. The latter promise was never kept.

There was another broken promise too. Said Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX): “In fact, a compromise was agreed to back in 1986. [It] was a solemn vow that we would bring up amnesty one time, once, and only once, and there would be no more amnesty.” Congressional Record, H 8632, 10/2/90.

One who went back on both of these pledges was none other than Chuck Schumer, who served in the House in 1986. Now he promises enforcement again, even as he advocates yet another mass legalization of illegal aliens.

And further indication of Schumer’s essential dishonesty is the content of the “Gang of Eight’s amnesty proposal. As an article in The New York Times 4/10/13 observed, “[I]n a delicate compromise worked out over weeks of negotiations, the bill does not impose any specific measurements of border enforcement results that, if they were not met, would stop the immigrants from proceeding to citizenship.”

Thus it appears that Schumer’s current promise—and that of his fellow gangsters as well—is just so much deception to hoodwink overly trusting Americans. No doubt they figure that if such hoodwinking worked once, it can work again.

The best way to defeat this deception is simply to reject the premise that we must make some kind of deal in order to have our laws enforced. If we are truly a nation under law, we simply should enforce our laws, period. And also, as a nation ruled by law, we categorically should reject amnesty, a policy which undermines law by rewarding lawbreakers.         





  1. Excellent article. Thank you for it.

    Memories apparently need to be nudged back to life, now and then…


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