Schlafly Details Horrors of Crimes Committed by Aliens Released By Obama

In an article Monday the redoubtable Phyllis Schlafly describes the Obama administration’s massive release of aliens convicted of serious crimes.  In addition to providing details on some of the horrible crimes committed by these aliens, she exposes the phony excuse used by Obama’s minions for some of the releases:

“Immigrants who commit a major crime inside the U.S. are supposed to be returned to their home country after completing their prison sentence.  But a number of countries are refusing to take back their own criminals, so ICE just turns them loose in U.S. communities, freeing them to return to their criminal lifestyle.                                                                                                                        We have a U.S. law that is supposed to deal with this; it requires our State Department to impose visa sanctions on countries that refuse to take back their own citizens.  But Obama’s State Department simply ignores the law; that’s called executive discretion.”

Read the rest here:

Posted 6/23/15 by Andrew Lewis who comments: ‘I’m not a lawyer like Mrs. Schlafly, but I think the U.S. should put these criminal aliens on an Air Force plane and fly over their home countries — and drop them out. With a parachute, since we are a humane nation.’


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