Saying Goodbye to All That: Deindustrialization Continues in Lordstown

On March 8, Breitbart News featured a story about newly unemployed Aaron Applegate, an eleven-year employee at GM’s Lordstown, Ohio, assembly plant.

Central to the article is a video report from CBS News, which taped Applegate as he went about his duties on his last day of work at the plant, which is closing.


GM’s Lordstown plant is the largest but not the only American plants the company is closing this year. All told, five plants will be closed, putting nearly 15,000 people out of work.

The Lordstown plant is known as the “Home of the Cruze,” its small sedan model. The plant has, in fact, been living on borrowed time for years, since GM announced, in 2015, that it would invest $350 million in a new plant in Coahuila, Mexico, to manufacture the Cruze.  By early 2017, shortly before his inauguration, then President-elect Trump tweeted:






Trump’s threat didn’t work. GM is simply discontinuing the model. GM now says American customers have lost interest in sedans such as the Cruze and are opting more for SUVs. So, on the day that CBS visited, the last of the Cruze models for the U.S. market was produced.

Lordstown is finally closing, but the Mexican Cruze plant that Trump railed against will continue–to manufacture the model for foreign markets.




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