Mar 14

Sanctuary or No, Local Officers Still Helping ICE

On March 1, we reported, by way of KOAT News, that officials of the county in which Albuquerque, New Mexico, is located had proclaimed that henceforth no ICE agents would be permitted access to county inmate records. This sanctuary-type policy was to be in accord with their official “immigrant-friendly” stance.

Now it appears that those county officials may not have been quite so all-powerful as they had assumed, and that local officers might not feel quite so friendly toward potentially dangerous immigrants.

A new report in the Albuquerque Journal reveals that informal relationships among law enforcement officers at local and federal levels have continued to make inmate information accessible.


Upon learning the awful truth, the county commission chairwoman said, “I was surprised and horrified.”

ICE insists that it needs the cooperation of local authorities in its mission of protecting the public from dangerous criminals. When asked, Corey Price, with the ICE field office in El Paso,  called sanctuary policies “misguided efforts by those who ultimately want to shield dangerous criminals from being deported.”

Unfortunately for grandstanding elected officials concerned with attracting votes and media praise, many jailers and rank-and-file cops think the same way.

For more, see the Albuquerque Journal.

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    • william on March 14, 2019 at 8:31 am

    those county officials need to be locked up all that do this in any state need to be locked up for a long time

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