San Antonio Incident Part of Month-Long Wave

We reported yesterday on the attack on an ICE facility in San Antonio, where someone fired numerous shots into two buildings occupied to ICE employees and contractors.  The attack took place around 3:00 am, and although some ICE employees were present, no one was injured.  However, Fox News points out today that this was the fourth incidence of violence at ICE facilities just in the past month.

Map courtesy of Fox News

As you can see from the above graphic, attacks and acts of criminal violence on ICE have occurred across the country since mid-July:

  • Aurora, Colorado, July 12.  During an otherwise peaceful protest, a group bypassed a barrier and tore down the flags of the U.S., Colorado, and the GEO Group (a private detention company that is an ICE contractor) and replaced them with the flag of Mexico.  An employee of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, which sponsored the protest, was physically attacked when she tried to intervene.
  • Tacoma, Washington, July 13.   A man armed with a rifle and incendiary devices attempted to set fire to the Northwest Detention Center, a holding facility maintained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. After hurling Molotov cocktails at the facility, he was shot and killed by Tacoma police before causing major damage or injury.
  • Washington, DC, July 16.  Protesters belonging to Never Again Action (a Jewish activist group) and the Cosecha Movement (a group of Latino activists) occupied and shut down an ICE office during a protest. Twelve were arrested by Department of Homeland Security officers.
  • San Antonio, Texas, August 13.  Shots were fired into two ICE-affiliated buildings.

In addition, on August 12, the day before the San Antonio shooting, anti-ICE protesters threatened employees of the GEO Group during a protest in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Using some of the most alarming language to date, the protesters hurled threats at the GEO Group’s former general counsel John Bulfin:

One protester shouted, “We know where all your children live throughout the country … John Bulfin you have kids in [bleeped out], you have kids in [bleeped out]. “We know everything about you and you won’t just be seeing us here.”

“We know where you sleep at night,” another protester shouted, yelling out Bulfin’s address.  “We’re not actually joking. John Bulfin, you go to [bleeped out], you go to church on [bleeped out], you live on [bleeped out the] road. We are not joking.”

This so-called “doxxing” of their opponents is part of a new strategy of the Left adopted in recent years.  To dox is to publish or otherwise reveal personal information, such as addresses and location of their children’s schools, about individuals the leftists oppose. Its intent is to make those individuals fearful for themselves as well as their families, and thereby cause them to back down and otherwise surrender.  Republican politicians and officials have become familiar with doxxing. For example, the Mitch McConnell campaign recently accused Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and liberal Twitter personalities of “trying to dox some underage kids” by taking their photos at a picnic.

For more on the ICE facility incidents, see the Washington Examiner.


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