Salt Lake City Mayor Demands More Refugees

Mayor Biskupski Addressing January 2019 Women’s March

Salt Lake City Mayor Jacqueline (Jackie) M. Biskupski on Monday, September 16, kicked off her city’s “Welcoming Week” festivities with a de rigueur attack on President Trump, of the kind nowadays expected of all big city mayors across the country.

“Welcoming Week” is an annual event celebrating new immigrants and refugees, consisting of parades, concerts, exhibits, and undoubtedly lots of vibrant and tasty exotic foods. Her Honor the Mayor gave a news conference to open the fun by declaring her city welcoming to one and all, except the President–and presumably his supporters.  For President Trump is “driving us to dig deep into our souls about who we really are as a people,” she despaired.

Progressive politicians like Biskupski already know “who we really are,” of course. Who We Really Are is Someone Just Like Them, even if we don’t realize it. Someone Just Like Them is rich (she’s proud of the fact she discovered her adopted city on a ski trip), gay (she was the first openly gay elected official in Utah), and–perhaps above all–hungry for more refugees. Trump’s policies, she proclaimed, have meant that “1,000 fewer refugees have settled in Utah alone — 1,000 individuals who are denied the opportunity for a safe and better life.” According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, she thereupon “called on residents to raise their voices to demand allowing at least 100,000 refugees into the country a year.”

Mackenzie Lueck and Her Accused Murderer

Maybe if Mayor Biskupski is lucky, Salt Lake City will get a large share of that treasure trove of talent. Young girls like Mackenzie Lueck may not feel quite so lucky, however, if any of those refugees turns out to be like Ayoola Ajayi. Lueck, a student at the University of Utah, disappeared in June. Shortly thereafter, Ajayi, a 31-year-old African immigrant, was arrested for her murder. Horrifying details of Ajayi’s plans–he was said to have been “hunting for women”–have since emerged. Fox News reported that a local handyman who had recently done work at Ajayi’s home revealed that Ajayi asked him to build “a secret, soundproof room in his basement, complete with strange hooks on the walls.”

Of course, maybe that was just his way of seeking a “safe and better life.” Right, Madame Mayor?

For more, see “Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski welcomes refugees and immigrants — but not Trump policies” and “Police: Missing University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck is dead; man charged with murder.”


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